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  1. My daughter and I watch more BBC programs than we watch of American produced shows.

    The British use real people in their programs. We use sterotypes. Not all Americans are blond and blue-eyed and weigh 100 pounds but if you watch sit-coms you'd think we were.

  2. Just discovered Downton Abbey about two weeks ago while reading the BBC America catalog. I like that time period and was discussing the purchase of Series One with my daughter. She surprised me by handing me her DVDs.

    The actors, the costumes, the settings, the dialogue... The ability to convey so much with so little. A facial expression, body language...I could go on and on.

    Ordered Series Two and am awaiting delivery.

  3. Yep. Just included that in a post I made in the dumpling paradox thread.

    I was watching season one laast night and made an interesting discovery. In episode 7, Raj speaks in front of Penny without having had an alcoholic drink!!!!

    They are discussing how they are going to play their games and Lenoard says they would have to cut Raj in half. Raj replies "That's right, cut the foreigner in half." Penny is in the room and Raj and has had no alcohol. I nearly died when I worked this out!!!!

    Has anyone else discovered this before????????

  4. Penny has come over to escape from her girlfriend. Harold hears that girlfriend is "available" and leaves to go be with her. Penny plays Halo with the guys and winds up staying all night. In the morning while Penny is sleeping in Sheldon's spot, Sheldon tells Leonard that "every Saturday morning..." However, later in the show the guys go to ask Penny to play Halo because Wednesday night is Halo night.

    Sheldon is wearing his Monday pajamas.

    Also, Raj is talking to Leonard when Penny comes in. He continues to talk to Leonard even though Penny is in the room.

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