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  1. I'll try not to be too negative... Tonight's episode has cemented a fact that I have been in denial about for a while;Big Bang Theory has turned a corner. Its very disappointing for me but there's nothing that can be done about it. It will probably never be as good as season 1-3. Sheldon is soooo vastly different than the Sheldon that made the show epic. He of all people has a girlfriend. Penny will be a waitress @ the Cheesecake Factory indefinitely. Leonard I think is just whittled down to snarky comments. Raj is.... what the heck is going on with him? He just can't catch a break! poor guy. And now Howard is no longer...well Howard. I loved his message to Bernadette though. It was sweet and heartfelt. But during the group hug, in my head, I was "Cue pervy line from Howard about being surrounded by women" And Boom! Amy said it. On a side note; Stuart was the highlight of the show. I laughed so hard at his bits.
  2. Way to go Raj! I think this was my favourite Raj episode. "Its on like Alderaan!" instant classic. lol This episode was great. I didn't even mind Amy. Now that I have let my 'Amy vendetta' go, I'm enjoying the show more. I almost expected Howard's mother to come through the door. Amazing what a episode can be without the lesbian comments. OMG! I just realized that! No wonder she didnt annoy me at all this episode.
  3. "Continuity" and "The Big Bang Theory" don't really belong in the same sentence. Continuity be damned. lol I have just started to treat this show in my mind as if it's a completely different show to seasons 1-3. Its not the same and I'm like the old Sheldon. I don't adjust to change very well. I think everyone is tired of the Amy lesbian jokes. If it's not a homosexual comment from Raj, its a creepy comment from Amy. I loved the parts with poor Howard, tho.
  4. Raj: If you don't like this stuff, let's just go next door and build her a bear. Sheldon: I told you before, bears are terrifying! ....cut to Sheldon bringing a get well soon bear to the Barber. :S
  5. This episode had its funny bits. All in all it was okay. Professor Rothman whoever he was, was hilarious. I liked saying rock, paper, scissors, lizard, spock along with Sheldon. I'm also glad to hear the return of Sheldon's laugh. The one in the last episode was rather creepy. Kripke really shone in this episode. I think I may be developing an attachment to him. lol. The basketball game was the best part of the episode. Hmmmm. Am I forgetting anything? Oh yeah. Amy loves Penny. Amy gives Penny gift that I was totally expecting when I read what the episode was about. Lesbian joke ensues. harhar
  6. This episode was....bleh. Once I heard Sheldon laughing at the beginning, it just totally threw me off. Ooh and look, another reference to Raj and Howard's ersatz homosexual relationship. The writers really love that dead horse... p.s. Jus a lil off topic, but it just seems like the writers jus have Penny waiting in the wings for when Leonard is interested again. There are no serious long term relationships for Penny like Leonard and Priya and before that Stephanie. Shes just...there. No character development. Nothing
  7. I feel like some of you would understand when I talk about how much I love (or rather loved) this show. As Quietmale said, I built Thursday night around this show. I felt connections to these characters. The scientific and pop-cultural references made this show so unbelievably unique and relatable. Not to mention the amazing characters. In season 4, it all just changed. Introducing Amy (no offense to Mayim Bialik, she is a great actress) was the worst thing to happen to BBT. She went from being the unfunny, robot who found "the notion of romantic love to be an unnecessary cultural construct that has no value to human relationships" to an inappropriate semi-lesbian who is (in my view) forced upon Sheldon. Season 5 though, has been like a knife to the heart every episode. It has become so predictable and unoriginal. If I wanted relationship drama, I would watch a Friends rerun. The main characters have been thrown under the bus for the Frankenstein of Shamy. Leonard: (season1,2,3)Lovable Leon-nerd. (now at season 5 ep.10)single, still important, but has he always been this cynical and annoying? Penny: (season1,2,3) Quirky, tough, struggling actress, girl next door (now at season 5 ep.10) a drunk, a skank who gets drunk and sleeps with anyone apparently. what is up with her acting career? I was intrigued in the 1st ep of season 5 when she said she was going home to Nebraska. that could have lead to some good episodes really (not with her ending up leaving of course) Sheldon:(seasons1,2,3)all I have to say is BAZINGA! *knock knock knock* Penny? (now at season 5 ep.10) Sheldon is being forced to like this woman it looks like. Yes peopele do change and develop, but come on. Sheldon has lived 30yrs being Sheldon, and now in the he has a girlfriend! need I say more? And when was the last time we got something as memorable as ROCK PAPER SCISSORS LIZARD SPOCK? Or when was the last time you hear Leonard say "here we go" to prelude a Sheldon speech? Howard: (season1,2,3)Hilariously perverted. (now at season 5 ep.10) with him, i can actually see character growth I guess. who would have thought he would be such a relatively good fiance? Raj: (season1,2,3)Selective mute, but soo funny. Come on, singing a hindi lullaby in his head while hugging penny! priceless! (now at season 5 ep.10) I feel really sorry for this character and what the writers have done to him/ If its not drunkard, its awkward homosexual remark or how about just sitting in the room, with his only line being delivered by whispering in someone's ear. THESE CHARACTERS ARE THE REASON WHY WE WATCHED THE SHOW IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! All I have to say about Bernadette is she is adorable! she is human, she does the Howard's mother impersonation perfectly. My wish for this show, is that they just return to their science-y roots. And maybe the return of KWIPKE! lol. "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Or the one"
  8. I completely agree with you 100% I was faced with the same problem after watching BBT. This is not the show that we have all grown to love. The scientific factor in the show is COMPLETELY missing. Replaced by relationship drama. Every other episode is centered around the Amy character. What I think is worse though, is that Raj, who even though he had the selective mutism gave us some hilarious one liners, barely even gets screen time. He has been turned into a depressed acloholic who may or may not be gay, not much character development for him there. The Big Bang Theory of Seasons 1,2 and 3 is no longer there.
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