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  1. Got it now. I also googled it. My point is, no matter what "kind of nerd" we are, things like this will allways be intresting and enjoyable. But then again, i'm not intrested in things that revolve in degrating anyone (in this case nerds).
  2. I don't know why "spherical chickens in a vacuum" is funny, guess i'm not "that kind of nerd". But i'm intrested in knowing, therefore i'll search it right away. On the other hand, i don't really find intresting or appealing jokes about drinking or "the pathetic forever alone".
  3. I have observed a shift in the subject of the jokes from the beginning of the show to current episodes. At first, geek culture was celebrated, each opening the crew showed cool science projects or an interesting nerd conundrum. Also, Penny’s superficiality was the subject of the jokes. To the contraire, recent episodes show dumb & weird science projects which mock the silliness of the situation. The characters often seem to be carving for “drinking and partying with the cool kids at the parking lot†instead of criticizing its sense. Penny is now sought out for advice and Leonard often seems to realize how he has “out grown†his friends. I feel that instead of a celebration of the interesting and cool stuff from Comics, videogames, science, engineering, etc. the show has become a realization of shame from the nerd characters.
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