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  1. Is it just me, or is this episode/show reaaalllllllllyyyyyy unfunny? Seriously, I almost feel like there's something wrong with me, this episode was so boring and unrelatable and overall unentertaining. (Too many sex jokes too.)
  2. Didn't like this one. It's a good episode in theory, nice guest appearance, amusing situation with Sheldon and Howard. but the end product, what the episode actually is: not funny. The show should stick to the guys getting into socially awkward situations. That was my favourite part of the show. The humor, I like unexpected humor, like when it surprises you. The humor in this episode is the complete opposite. It's very old fashioned really. ("LOL SHELDON FELL DOWN!") Doesn't really make much sense either, the gags with Sheldon & Howard. I mean the amusing part of the chores/th
  3. This episode is so sh­­­it! I didn't mind it until about the half way mark. The gay jokes were really offensive and not funny in the slightest. The back and forths between Sheldon and the Spock doll were incredibly cheesy and also not funny in the slighest. I can't believe you guys liked it. Your sig, how gay does Sheldon look in that part. Hahahah. Jim should try harder to hide the gay-ness, it's off-character for Sheldon IMO.
  4. I didn't like this episode. It felt like a different show, I felt like I was watching one of those live action Disney sitcom-like shows where all the jokes are lame and predictable. I didn't mind the general themes and story line, but it just felt weirdly done. Also, the random naked guy, I did not find that amusing in the slightest.. and the painting seemed really cheap to me, seen that joke done too many times and they just kept milking it. Wasn't really any wit to it. [i'm not trying to exaggerate my views in any way, and I am not a bitter person as I watched other shows in the sam
  5. Stupid. None of the things that happened made sense, the humor was really dry & too many themes from previous episodes were repeated. Honestly, I feel like I could write a better Big Bang episode, this one is horrid. By the way, what's happened to Sheldon? I've been watching older episodes and in this one he's a total arsehat. He's supposed to be annoying without intending to be! I hope they fix over their mistakes made in these recent episodes by somehow having Leonard confront Sheldon for being a dick.
  6. I'm not gonna go into detail, but this episode was a chore to sit through. I hate what Penny has evolved into. I disliked when she became whorish & butchy after the first season or two, but this is even worse. She disgusts me.
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