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  1. Movieclips 1 and 2 of 10.
  2. Did anyone watch the season finale? Warning some spoilers ahead!-------- Of the final four, Two of the nerds were eliminated in a segway maze race and trivia game then its a twist on how the King Of The Nerds is selected. To find out who wins watch. It's very cool!
  3. Zooey Deschanel, she's in a group called "She and Him" whith M.Ward. There are alot of music videos of her.
  4. Anyone here watch the AMC reality series "Comic Book Men"? It is about the comic book shop "Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash" owned by filmmaker Kevin Smith.
  5. Episode 3 "Games without Frontiers" was awesome, they flew little tablet controlled quadcopters through obstacles for points while the oposeing team shot at the quadcopters with nerf guns. The next episode will have Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith. Jay and Silent Bob, Lewis and Booger all on one show!
  6. Curtis Armstrong and Jonathan Frakes (as himself like wil wheaton).
  7. ulfrik

    Kimya Dawson

    Wow Anomaly you have over 300 dvds! I imagine you have sweet dvd marathons. Juno is one of my favorite movies, Ellen Page and Michael Cera are great. I like how the soundtrack goes well with the film, plus Ellen Page and Michael Cera perform a cover of one of Dawson's songs.
  8. ulfrik

    Kimya Dawson

    Anyone here ever listen to the music of kimya dawson? Her music is very qerky,child like but clever. I discovered her after watching juno, the movie fetures many of dawson's songs.
  9. Glad to read that you watched a full episode and liked it. The nerds themselves are interesting because of their personalities and backgrounds. My favorite female nerd is Genevieve, she's well rounded in knowledge and nerdyness. My favorite male nerd is Virgil, his attitude is classic.
  10. To quote Curtis Armstrong "there's nothing nerdier than not being picked". What's your favorite costume on the cosplay episode? I like the necromancers costume with the cool runes on his cloak, plus the forest elf girl and the girl who did the steampunk performance/song.lol Here's a wiki article about one of the contestants Virgil. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virgil_Griffith
  11. MJPollard, your girlfriend is a big bang theory fan, thats cool. As for Lewis & Booger I wish they would make Revenge of the Nerds 5 lol. My favorites are part 1 and 3. I like the south korean Elvis impersonator lol.
  12. Probably not the best show to watch with your girl friend LOL. I was skeptical about it but watched it to see Robert Carradine and Curtis Armstrong as I am a Revenge of the Nerds fan. I was watching parks and rec the night of king of the nerds premiere, I stumbled upon the rebroadcast of king of the nerds and found it to be alright. I'll continue to watch. In the next episode the nerds have a cosplay competition and George Takei guest judges.
  13. Anyone here watch King of the Nerds? It's pretty funny and interesting, plus it has hot nerd chicks! On the first episode they choose teams(with a twist at the end of the choosing), they assess the various nerds skills like mathematics, video gaming, knowledge of comics and so on. A giant chess game is played. The show is hosted by lewis and booger from the revenge of the nerds movies lol.
  14. Hey guys, so who was your favorite ex? Its hard for me to decide, I really like the fight between the sound/energy gorilla and dragons and I like the battle against matthew patel and his demon hipster chicks.lol
  15. I thought it was cool and stylish. Some of my favorite parts are when pilgrim fights those japanese techno guys and when envy adams sings. she's hot. I also like the video game references. Plus michael cera is cool,he's cool in lots of movies like scott pilgrim, juno, super bad and so on.
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