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  1. I personally think religion is silly, but if others choose to believe, that is their business - until they get in my face about it. In the deep south, where I (unfortunately) currently reside, that is a big issue much of the time. I leave them alone about it, and I expect the same treatment - but people here are often trying to "save" me or someone else. it was amusing the first couple of times, now it is really tedious - and rather pretentious on their part, to think I need to be "saved". My stock answer is, "From What? Or from whom? And what are your credentials?" Just trying to be
  2. Absolutely not. The show has become too much a "Friends"-lite already.
  3. So something similar to the "space toilet" episode. But yes I'm with you a return to the basics, leave the relationships to be the 2nd story of each episode, but I don't think it will happen.
  4. I am one of those who keeps hoping, HOPING, for a return to the focus on Sci-fi, comic books, and science again. Howard in space needing help fom the gang back onearth could really get the ball rolling in that direction. *Sigh* I SO miss the greatness of Seasons 1 - 3.
  5. Another "Meh" episode. But this season, that has been about as good it gets. *sigh* I keep hoping and hoping that things will return to Seasons 1 - 3 greatness, but I am losing hope for that. I won't stop watching, but I have noticed that I delete the program from the DVR every week - something I never did in the past. We still have Modern Family, thank goodness it has not "jumped the shark" - yet.....
  6. Not a fan of Bernadette either. I think she would be OK if she were a recurring character, say 2 or 3 times per season in small appearances; same for Amy. I would MUCH prefer to see Leslie Winkle bacl, along with Dr. Gablehouser and Sheldon's sister, and Penny's Dad. I would also like to see the focus back on the core characters and the celebration of nerd/geek culture we once had.
  7. I had never considered that the show focus had shifted to a female audience - but that explanation certainly seems to be the most plausible of all I have read. It is unfortunate, though, to see the one program where nerds and geeks were celebrated de-volve into just another rom-com. Drat. I must admit that I continue find it astonishing that the show's ratings are so high, given the extreme change in the characters and the situations since the first 3 seasons, but the "focus" hypothesis does appear to have dealt with that shift. But then, that probably is due to my nerd/geek tendencies t
  8. One can say that, but it does not make or prove the point. Without the tools of mathematics, physicists would be unable to do their work, i.e. develop and prove/disprove their theories.
  9. I am still waiting for a good one this season. Hopefully the next episode!
  10. I am with Threelions here. I keep hoping and hoping something amazing will happen (to quote the neighbor kid from The Incredibles) and the show will return to its former glory. But then, it never happened after Frasier "jumped the shark.
  11. I would like to see a "so-so" episode. THAT would be an improvement. I am sticking by the show, but is is now more out of habit than love. I really miss the sharp writing of the first three seasons.
  12. Same here, Sterculius! People and family have been calling me Spock or Robot for as long as I can remember - which is a very long time, as I am blessed/cursed with a very good memory - for things like numbers, patterns, passages in books, academic lectures and such, but I cannot find my keys most mornings. Strange. But many co-workers who have glommed onto the show call me "Sheldon" now. I take it as a compliment. Fashion wise, yeah, I am pretty much in as well. I have around 60 superhero shirts and multiple long-sleeve shirts which I started wearing under the t-shirts around 1999. Ha
  13. Yeah, I think it is a shame how the show has lost its focus on science and nerd/geek goodness. I have been re-watching the past seasons on TBS and am startled by how non-sciencey the show is now compared to the first three seasons. maybe that focus will return. I would like to see Howard get his PhD, that would be good fodder for lots of engineering & science topics as he struggled through his dissertation.
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