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  1. Okay sure Raj broke several 'bro code' rules by sleeping with Penny. Leonard also broke a cardinal bro code rule; 'don't sleep with your mate's sister', so maybe Raj felt justified. I didn't really think about the possibility that Raj might have had an alterior motive for sleeping with Penny, even though she did say she regretted breaking up with Leonard. I thought they were drunk and they were having fun and things just led to the bedroom. And of course it had to be Leonard's bed because that's where Raj was living at the time..
  2. On the Friends subject, they can't keep the guys single forever, for their characters to evolve, they need the girls. I still feel disappointed that Raj has ended up being pushed into the background by Bernie and Amy. And can someone explain about Raj turning 'evil'? I just don't see it, although he did get a little naughty after Leonard got with Priya..
  3. I agree that the show has become a bit of a 90210 what with all the sex talk and who likes who, but I don't hate Bernadette, at least she's a nerd too. I think she's quite sweet, she's tiny and her voice matches her stature. I love how when she's angry she sounds just like Mrs Wolowitz. It's like he's in love with a younger version of his mum, being such a mummy's boy and all. And I have to say I wasn't a huge fan of Howard in the first couple of seasons, he would have to be my least favourite 'Big Banger'. I also think you're right about Leonard getting laid, I guess after he went out with Penny he took a step up in the world of women, and then hooking Priya, well she brought him up in the world of dating even more, what with the new clothes and contact lenses (even though they didn't last).
  4. I love books, studying - because learning new things is fun! I love history and anthropology, but lately I have a need to do maths and science. I play computer games a lot. Oh and I love Harry Potter. The books much more than the movies. Also, I'm a sucker for anything supernatural and conspiracy theories.. I love my nerdiness and think nerds are the best people to hang out with because we have so much fun. :o)
  5. Wow guys, I didn't expect such a warm welcome from everyone. Thank you! I am enjoying hanging out here already. My TBBT marthon has ended and now I think it's time to start it over again. ;O)
  6. Hello alien94, thanks for saying hi There's no way you can see TBBT too many times.
  7. Thanks Ilove_bazinga :o) I'm the same, there isn't much on TV I bother with, except for documentaries. Without nerds, we would still be living caves without fire or wheels. We def wouldn't have computers, and we all know how awesome they are lol :o) Thanks Netmouse!
  8. Raj's character needs to develop more. I notice in a lot of episodes he hangs in the background and hardly gets camera time. He has had some really witty lines at times, especially in the first season and needs more. I don't mind Amy, I'm not sure about the lesbian references, they really aren't a necessity and could be dropped from the dialogue without being missed, but she does have great comedic timing and her character does add humour to the show. I seriously don't know how anyone can get annoyed by Sheldon, sure he is egotistical and that's never a flattering personality trait on anyone, but he makes the show. He has the best lines and cracks me up.
  9. Hi all, I'm an Australian fan. I just got the boxed set, series 1 - 4 and can't stop watching. I think it is the best comedy to come out of America in a long time. Thank you Chuck Lorre! It's about time interlectuals were celebrated, and average people were shown just how fun 'nerds' or 'geeks' can be.
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