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  1. bereft_of_ostrich

    New here

    Hey dude I feel responsible for you becoming part of the forums since I was the one who insisted you watch TBBT in the first place!
  2. bereft_of_ostrich

    Gone All-Sheldon

    my mother says I remind her of Sheldon even though I am a girl I guess it makes sense because I have Asperger's Syndrome but I am not a genius. I do have a special spot on the couch though and strangely enough it's the left side but not for the same reasons and I established it as my spot waay before I saw the show.
  3. bereft_of_ostrich

    !2 Days Of Big Bang Xams

    sooo funny and cute! but if there were three wolowizards I think I would have to go into hiding
  4. bereft_of_ostrich

    Penny's Clothes!

    I think her frivolous clothes buying is probably one of the causes of her money problems

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