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  1. Good Lord (as Sheldon would say)! Not to gloat or anything but I'm soo glad mine was pre ordered in December when the prices weren't so sky high! Best I could find was: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BIG-BANG-THEORY-OFFICIAL-2012-CALENDAR-FREE-POSTER-/280804857825?_trksid=p5197.m7&_trkparms=algo%3DLVI%26itu%3DUCI%26otn%3D1%26po%3DLVI%26ps%3D63%26clkid%3D5585862266671278248 Four days left to bid...
  2. I kind of find that odd too. It's probably also easier to say Howard than Wolowitz and yet Howard's also frequently reffered to by his last name. Does anyone know why, then, this "callling people by their last names" rule doesn't appear to apply to Cooper and Hofstadter?
  3. You're suggesting I become a lesbian just for the show to be good again? I think the show should celebrate nerd culture as much as it always did; I totally agree with Dmtzcain's original post, that the show's affection towards all things geeky is part of what makes it so frabjous and it should hang on to that.
  4. Oh, right... I agree that's a bit naff. I probably didn't know what a philosopher was when I saw the first Harry Potter film, but it didn't effect my enjoyment of it that much. I still went on to read the entire series and watch all the films and generally become a "potterite". Helped by my year three teacher who was a little bit Potter fixated and used a "sorting hat" made of black card and selotape to divide her class into the houses. I was in Hufflepuff. We won. She said for some reason Hufflepuff won almost every year she'd used the sorting hat with her classes. Anyway, "philosopher" is a good word to learn, widening kids vocab and all that.
  5. It is not impossible for a person to lick their own elbow. A woman in the audience of QI did it on tele to prove it. 31-32 because in "The Russian Rocket Reaction" he mentions that in 1989 he was nine.
  6. When I was really little the onlt tele I watched was children's hour on BBC1, so "Ghosthunter", "The Queen's Nose" and "Home Farm Twins", even though the acting wasn't great (you don't notice when you're little), the stories were good. "Round the Twist" as well. I ADORED "Ultimate Book Of Spells", I used to pretend to be Cassandra the Witch all the time. Other than that I had videos of "The Herbs", "Watch with Mother" and "The Magic Roundabout" which I really liked. Then when I was a bit older I liked "Jackie Chan Adventures" and became slightly obsessed with Pokemon aged about eight. I still have my Team Rocket figures and Meowth plushie. Team Rocket were my favourites, 'cause I'm odd.
  7. I'm not going to list fully because seriously I watch wayy too much tv and really shouldn't be allowed sky+, but I really like Scrubs, Malcolm in the Middle, The Vampire Diaries (mostly due to Ian Somerhalder being in it), Bread and Shameless. TBBT is my new favourite show, but I'm also kind of getting into the OC
  8. Not sure if this is the right bit of forum to say this; but here we go; even Sheldon Cooper, aka Lord Smarty Pants, gets the name of the first Harry Potter wrong (it's Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone" not "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone") in "The Toast Derivation"! Sorry, maybe I'm exceeding even Sheldon in my padanticness but does this annoy anyone else?
  9. I like Bernadette and her interactions between Penny and Amy as "the girlfriends". I haven't watched friends so I can't really comment on the paralells, but I quite like the new aspect she brings to the show because Penny and Amy probably wouldn't be able to get along together as well without her. What I actually like better about her character though is her references to her unseen lab work; like when she was absent because she was in quaranteen after taking jell-o shots from petri dished which used to contain yellow fever!
  10. Does spending my life as a misfit because of my refusal to conform to norms I think are daft count? I couldn't live with Sheldon though; he'd absolutly consider me to be a hippie! I've started doing this more often in the in-between seasons. When it's too cold to wear just a short sleeved tshirt and too warm to wear a sweater. I also have a couple of BBT tshirts and a Green Lantern one for good measure. :D:D:D Yay BBT tops; they're what's on my christmas list
  11. Hi everyone i just joined; I just started watching "The Big Bang Theory" and think it's fantasmagorical (one of the words I'm bringing back into regular usage. It's a project). I adore Sheldon; his mind is odd but logical if you pause to think about it! Anyway, hiee
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