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  1. "What comes with that" of course its our nerds (or any men for that matter) who have a (some say hot) neighbour will try to date her. Of course tbbt has always also been about relationships. But it was way more interesting (and fitting) while our scientists tried to have girls. Now they all have them, its like the story has reached the end seasons ago and now we see it over and over again. Its just dumb. Maybe I should cut out all the parts where those girls appear (mainly Amy and Bernadette, I can't stand either of them) and just enjoy the science and SF reference parts.
  2. Is it just me or are there others around who just wait until the show gets about nerds again? I loved it in the beginning while it was about themes nerds do and love, like computers, science, SF, but two things happened since then: First, the women appeared. I mean, of course there was always the female neighbour and what comes with that, but suddenly the nerds all have a girl. And all the stories changed to be about boys and girls. I mean thats the same any other sitcom is about and the thing that was so special about this one has almost gone. Then the second happened I think around the same time all the girls appeared, our boys have become something I would not call friends anymore. I mean, all they do all the time is annoying and breaking down each other. It is really sad. From time to time I look back into newer episodes, but its still the same boy girls troubles. What once was the main thing, the nerds thing, is still just incidental decoration around the same old, same old.
  3. Right. The model train thing is absolutely unrealistic. A geek and train fan would know the good stuff. I am not into trains but I could instantly see those Bachmann trains are cheap plastic (I did never hear about that brand before, but I am from the Maerklin country). A little investigation into model train forums confirmed my suspicion: A model train fan would never buy that junk.
  4. Was this really the same Sheldons mother as in episodes before? I barely recognize her! Looks like someone else to me who tries to act and speak like her.
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