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  1. Shamy episode ;D I'm so excited! I'm in love with Shamy ♥
  2. BlueRose

    The Set

    Hi!!! I was just wondering, where is the actual set??? Not where the show is set (in Pasadena) but the actual set! If this helps, I think it's near the Ellen Show... Thanks in advance :D
  3. My science teacher is a HUGE fan of the show, and showed us the show. Since I've seen the one episode he showed us, I've been hooked! :D
  4. She is a doctor. I think they just made a little mistake
  5. I think it's made nerds cute and cool again. That's my theory anyway!
  6. As you can probably guess, I want to know what everyone thinks of them. I absolutely LOVE that they are getting back together! :D
  7. No offense, but I think I would cry! I would ruin three awesome relationships!! Leonard and Penny's, Amy and Sheldon's and Penny and Sheldon's friendship. I really don't think it would work!
  8. Much love for this episode! Sheldon and Amy were so cute, and I can't wait to see stuff like this, but like many of the people on this forum, I was a bit upset that Amy was so easily swayed by the gift, bu it was so cute :D ♥
  9. Haha same as most of you guys! I got a Soft Kitty shirt, Calender (with poster), and Seasons 1-4 on DVD! I feel special :D I also got a £20 Amazon Gift Voucher, which will probably be spent on Big Bang Theory stuff. Jacks, Thanks! And I'll try sort out my sig picture soon
  10. Random Idea: Raj meets a girl with selected mutism (like him) and she can't speak to him, but over text they arrange a date. Howard agrees to go with Raj to be his voice (like usual lol), but he forgets to tell Bernadette. Bernadette goes out with Amy and Penny, while Raj, Howard, Raj's date and her friend (who acts like Raj's date's voice, a bit like Howard does for Raj) all go out, and (unknowingly) go to the same place (which doesn't serve alcohol). The girls are looking round and Bernadette sees Howard, Raj, Raj's date and her friend and hears Howard elling one of the girls she is beauti
  11. Hey Guys! Starting up a random thread here but...did anyone get any Big Bang Theory stuff for Christmas????? And this is really late but Merry Christmas (Season)!
  12. BlueRose

    Poor Raj...

    Building on that, Bernadette could get jealous of Howard spending time with this girl. I know I'm being sad here. I'm starting to build up an episode :D
  13. BlueRose


    That would actually be really cool :D
  14. BlueRose

    Poor Raj...

    Yeah, I do understand that, but maybe he could be in a relationship with prehaps another deaf person (a nice one this time, of course) or even (in my infinite retardedness) a woman with selective mutism, so that she can't talk to him even if it's just one episode I think it would be quite funny
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