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  1. I have a feeling I'm in the minority here but, I hate Bernadette's character. She doesn't fit in with the dynamic of the show in my opinion, I can't stand her voice, and I don't think she's a good actress. I dislike everything about her. I thought Howard was one of the best things about BBT for the first couple of seasons until he hooked up with that squeaking harpie... Now he's just boring. Also, the show has gotten steadily less "geeky" since she was written in... I don't think that's all her fault, the writing has strayed further and further into "ordinary sitcom" territory since the beginning of the third season. BBT started out as a unique gem in the aggregate of the TV landscape. It was the only mainstream show that made jokes about comics, and video games, and Star Wars, and LOTR, ect. Now it's just about who's boning who, who's got the hots for who,... It's in real danger of becoming "Nerds: 90210". I mean seriously, how many confirmed dorks do you know who get laid as much as Leonard does? Oh well, at least we still have Sheldon and Amy (the only two fun characters on the show at this point) They should have their own show! OK. Rant complete. Please discuss.
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