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  1. Well not exactly but something like it. It was the very first episode. Penny takes the boys out for dinner to make up for Sheldon and Leonard losing their pants. Someone suggests Thai food. Sheldon says they can't because they had (I think it was) Indian for lunch. Says something like "They are both curry based cuisines. It would be gastronomically redundant." Howard suggests Sushi , saying he knows a little sushi bar that has karaoke and starts to sing "Baby Baby don't get hooked on meeeee!" Yes thats it thankyou so much!!!
  2. please help! Can somebody please tell me if there ever occurs in any episode about the amount of thai / chinese food that the boys eat that week?? I think the dialogue goes something like this - - I think we should have chinese tonight - nah we had chinese last night - we had indian last night? - Yeah same thing? - Chinese and indian are not the same thing.. etc etc etc.. Please Help!!!!!!!! Desperate!!!!
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