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  1. Im an astrophysics/quantum mechanics nerd, I will read anything anything to do with cosmology, or string theory. I'm also a Halo nerd.
  2. I love this show. It is so funny, I am such a nerd I get the jokes.
  3. My new episode idea is the Wizard of OZ. Here is the actor lineup, I pro-pose. Could be done as a dream sequence. The writers know what to do, from there. Johnny Galecki - The Scare Crow Jim Parsons - The Wizard of OZ Kaley Cuoco - Dorothy Simon Helberg - The Tin Man Kunal Nayyar - The Cowardly Lion Mayim Bialiki - The Wicked Witch of the West Melissa Rauch - Glenda the good Witch of the East Note: Mayim and Melissa could be interchanged. Kevin Sussman - the mayor of the little people or the head guard of the evil witch castle Will Whaeton - Apple throwing tree, or a flying monkey
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