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  1. If sounded nothing like Laurie to me. Like, not even close. But people are saying she was mentioned in the press release, so I guess it was her?
  2. I really liked the episode and thought it was quite funny, but I hated Sheldon smacking Amy's butt and, especially, her reaction. I thought it was very demeaning to women, and I'm definitely not someone who overthinks when it comes to this show and the characters' motivations.
  3. I didn't mind Howard serenading Bernadette so much, as he's done it before, but I was so embarrassed by the others dancing and singing back-up that I had to bury my face in a pillow. Simon did an excellent job with it, though. He is extremely underrated.
  4. I agree, OP. For the first time in seven seasons, I missed an episode and couldn't care less. Sheldon is an embarrassment, IMO. Character integrity is sacrificed for the sake of advancing relationships. I totally get that people like romance in television, but I wish the romance fanatics would have stayed away from BBT.
  5. It's so weird how defensive certain people get about the relationships. And count me in as someone else who finds these conversations yawn-inducing. This episode wasn't even that relationship-heavy, FFS.
  6. Loved the episode. The best part was Sheldon explaining how he solved the 'Geology' puzzle. It felt like an earlier version of the character. I still don't like Amy, but she's much more likable when she loses that awful, monotonous tone and actually has fun. I've never been a proponent of Shamy, and this reinforced my feelings on the subject. I don't normally mind Bernadette, but she was a bit much for me tonight.
  7. I thought this was a decent episode with a few laughs, but I can't believe how unhealthy the Shamy relationship is.
  8. Uh, he made out with another woman. You may not consider that 'cheating,' but I'd argue that most people do.
  9. Sure, cheating isn't funny in real life, but this isn't real life. Remember when Leonard and Priya cheated on each other? Were people devastated over that, or was it okay because Leonard and Priya weren't one of their OTPs?
  10. Er, are you familiar with fanfic? 'Cause, uh, yeah, that's exactly what many people do with works of fiction.
  11. Thanks for the report! Howard's SL sounds interesting, but I really don't like when they infantilize Sheldon.
  12. I think his emergency contact would have to have been Leonard. Remember, Amy had to leave work for Sheldon's "emergencies." I find it highly unlikely that his previous contact would have been someone not in close proximity.
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