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  1. One of the biggest themes during all of the seasons has been just how juvenile the "nerds" are. If the guys find the need to do some jubenile things to cope with life while living productive lives, so what?
  2. It was good. Not the best, not even in the top ten, but good.
  3. Good episode. Penny was funny and i was glad to see how seriously she is taking her new job.
  4. The only way we will find out if Penny is successful is when we find out how many drugs she sells. This was a "practice". We have no idea how much training she has already had, and we have no idea how much practice she has had. It could very well be that because of her looks she does well with male Doctors. If that be the case, SO WHAT? Her job will be to sell drugs, if she does that well because of her looks I doubt if the company she works for will be upset. This whole disagreement seems a bit ludicrous to me. Wait and see what happens...... By the way, Raj's girlfriend didn't like Penny before she walked into her office. Penny was screwed from the get go.
  5. I don't remember laughing at anything during this episode. Not exactly something you want to say when discussing a "comedy".
  6. I am not particularly looking foreward to this episode. I think it's because I really didn't like the season finale where Penny and Raj woke up in bed naked, and would as soon forget about it. They have never shown Penny or Raj telling Leonard just what took place, and if he finds out the problem between Penny and Raj's girlfirend, it would have to bring up conflicting emotions with him. Perhaps they will use it as a vehicle to clear the air between Penny and Leonard on just what took place, which in reality was nothing. As for all of the guys investing in a comic book store, bad idea. As posted earlier, look how well it worked out when they found that ring. They will not only be arguing about how to run it, they would even argue about what comic books to sell. Bad idea for a business but a good idea for some comedic moments.
  7. Since this is a fictonal TELEVISION show, I think that we can all assume that the presonal appearance of the actors is a large factor in the show's success. If because of a change in the "hot girls" hair, some people no longer find her looks "hot", then it is a matter of taste and has nothing to do with intelligence. Frankly atacking people's intellect over a common network comedy is asinine. If any of us were geniuses we wouldn't be watching this show.
  8. This episode is much better then the previous two IMO. Allot of funny situations and lines.
  9. When it's good, I say so, just like I say so when it's not.
  10. After the disapointment of the first two episodes this season I am not going to get my hopes up.
  11. The best that I can say about the show was that it killed a 1/2 hour of my time.
  12. This episode was not among the best of the series. Not even in the top 1/2. It was more boring then entertaining.
  13. First thought.... have to say that I'm not crazy about Penny's haircut.
  14. First of all, I think Sheldon will live with Leonard and Penny. If that does happen, I think it will be because Penny feels sorry for him and talks Leonard into it. I think that Leonard will support Penny both emotionally and financially while she pursues her acting career. It's one thing to have your boyfriend support you while you are looking for a job, and something very different for your fiance to do so. They are now officially a dedicated couple who are intending to spend the rest of their lives together. Leonard would be more then happy to do it, and Penny won't feel any guilt in allowing him to do so. This will take allot of pressure off of her and she won't feel obligated to take parts that she doesn't really want to. I also think that most of the bumps that Penny and Leonard encounter in their relationship will be relatively minor, and mcuh of it might have to do with their families, both his and hers. I think that it might be pretty interested seeing Penny's Mother, sister, and brother, and Leonard's Father, brother and Sister. No matter what happens, I am looking forward to seeing it.
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