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    Sorry my comments made you unhappy. But why cannot Sheldon get a girl with beautiful mind AND beautiful body? I didn't see the beautiful side of Amy, the constant sex talking is annoying and creepy. Sheldon deserves a better girl. a seriously...your comment kind of pissed me off why does Sheldon HAVE to get a hot girl? So what if Amy isn't attractive out of the 3 girls, but don't call her ugly Sheldon never cared for looks, he only care for the the beautiful mind and yeah they are became a couple I am still hoping this agreement will break soon before they become REAL girlfriend and boyfriend in common sense. They already made the agreement to be girlfriend and boyfriend
  2. Don't like her at all. I registered in this forum just to say: can you please cut Amy? I hate to see she licks her lips to Sheldon. I like Penny the most, she sometimes acts like a mother to Sheldon, may not be brilliant, but very tolerant and caring. I really like seasons with just 4 guys and Penny.
  3. Dabaobobo


    I am so sick of Amy. It's horrible if Amy finally becomes Sheldon's girlfriend. If Sheldon has to get a girl, she should be a kind, intelligent and hot girl....not like Amy, she is so eager to have sex with Sheldon, ugly and unpleasant.
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