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  1. Enistachia

    Let's Get a DCUO (PS3) Mention on "The Big Bang Theory"!!!

    I have noticed that Xbox is the popular controller I see on television these days.
  2. Enistachia

    Let's Get a DCUO (PS3) Mention on "The Big Bang Theory"!!!

    Yes! I have noticed that as well and it breaks my heart. I know that M$ has established themselves into the prime-time media ... boo!
  3. Enistachia

    Let's Get a DCUO (PS3) Mention on "The Big Bang Theory"!!!

    Thank you! I had realized that as well about MMO episodes but figured it was still worth a shot. I will take your advice and tweet Bill Prady in a few days once I create more buzz ... if I can. lol
  4. I would like to get a funny or interesting mention of DCUO (PS3) on the next season of "The Big Bang Theory". It could be just poking gentle fun at the amusing struggles DCUO been through, that's just an example. I am not sure how we could go about this but I know it must be done, and can be done. The cast members talk a lot about DC, I've noticed they have a large amout of DC content in the show. I think it has been pretty equal exposure with the other comic distributors but because I am a DC player I guess I have paid more attention to the DC content. This post is the start of my plan and I am hoping to get some insight from my fellow Theory viewers. Another step I took was joining this forum in the hope to cause a DCUO splash. I do hope that I draw some attention to my cause and I am sure the fans of the game and the show will be quite entertained as well. So, I need your help ... let's discus.

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