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  1. Howard knock knock knock!Howard knock knock knock!Howard knock knock knock!
  2. As xmas song I like "A Christmas Duel" by The Hives + Cyndi Lauper,not conventional song!
  3. Amy's adorable eating sandwiches and touching human brain in the same time!!!:icon_razz:
  4. @ Jacks : thanks dear Jacks,I'm sure of that...but I wanna pick 'em up with me for the rest of our lives 'cause they got hard moments 'bout family situation...they're my heart!
  5. thanks!you're all so nice and it sounds so good...
  6. I didn't saw last season yet (I'm waiting to the end 'cause I wanna see only one shot! ) but I hope Howie will not marry her...no one must marry him!
  7. @netmouse : I know how you feel,they're like my brothers...so I'll try to spend other times with them,and that's great!I hope you can spend time with your children as much as possible...
  8. I'd like to spend my xmas time with my two cousins...but I just know that I can't!that's so sad for me...
  9. Hey There!:icon_biggrin:My name's Toronado,girl of 29 from Italy and I am so in love with The Big Bang Theory...and my lovely Howard,yep! ...hope to meet "sick" people like me...have a nice day!:D
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