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  1. Simon is not only married but they now have a newborn daughter named Adeline.
  2. Besides Babylon 5, I am also a huge Farscape fan. Ben Browder and Claudia Black were amazing, and so was the whole cast. That show really hung it over the edge. Very unique and special.
  3. Babylon 5 is brilliant, my favorite show of all time and definitely better then Star Trek. Trekkies cannot handle this show. I have loved it for 16 years. This is the one hug problem I have with Sheldon. If anyone is interested, you should check out, on Facebook, Dr. Sheldon Cooper vs Babylon 5. There is a lot of great stuff there. Good for you Sherminator!
  4. i, like most fans of the show, would have to fully agree, sheldon makes the show.... without him wouldve probably been cancelled after the first season... and from what ive seen in interviews and pictures where jim parsons isnt portraying sheldon, he is actually a kinda handsome and charasmatic guy... which just goes to show his acting ability to become the sheltered, antisocial, supernerd, and well asshole that we've all learned to love... i am new to this forum too, but not to bbt, been watching since about halfway through the first season, so i had to catch up 6 episodes, but have been watching ever since... yours is the first thread ive read sans of course my own intro thread, it caught my eye because of the age and gender u claim, u may have different views than the normal demographic that is into nerdy stuff like this, im interested to hear them.... I guess that I am older then the usual people that watch the show. Sometimes some of the dating stuff gets to me, because I had a different life then a lot of people. I also find more in common with the guys then the women, as I am into fandoms, not because I am as intelligent as they are supposed to be. I think I might be able to get along with them if they were real, better then some of the women who do. Of course, I am not as sexy as the girls, for many reasons, mostly of health. I would probably argue with them about SF shows. I have always been different than most people anyway. So, I probably look at life in a different way as well. I will add comments when I think of them.
  5. Perhaps they are just spreading the kudos around. I do know that it is hard to be the 'set up' man, who helps set up the comedy. Johnny does that. But, so clearly is Jim as Sheldon, the powerhouse that makes the show go, he should also get a nomination. Jim, is very kind and they are all friends, which helps, but really, Jim should be nominated all the time. I think that Sheldon is one of the most unique characters ever on TV. So, good for Johnny, but Jim, well, he is the man.
  6. I never liked the term nerds. I think that this society celebrates the stupid and that is why we are so backward and in so much trouble. It should be a good thing to be smart, and I think that Sci-Fi and all is a superior genre. Perhaps we should make that feeling known to the producers somehow.
  7. I hope so too and when I saw your posts,, I said, aha, another B5 fan. I wish the writers didn't have such a dislike for our show. Strange, isn't it. I really love BBT and think Jim is amazing. Anyway, thanks for the welcome.
  8. I also wanted a certain someone to be nominated initials JP.
  9. Hello, my name is Connie and I have just recently discovered the Big Bang Theory, and it is really a fun show. I love and admire Jim Parsons work as Sheldon, and the other characters are beginning to appeal to me as well, but Jim is priceless. I am 60, from NY.. am a Harry Potter fan, and love Babylon 5, it is my passion. I love Star Trek TOS, and Enterprise, but not the others, and also love Farscape. I am glad to have gotten into BBT and say a warm hello to all who reads this. Bazinga!
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