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  1. her uniqueness's are in her voice and cuteness (presence of the in-ordinary factors which are attractions), so she's not ruining the show!
  2. I have an idea for a new episode. In this Episode, Howard will get a traffic ticket for running the red light at 3 o'clock in the morning. In his defense, his argument is the street is empty, no single soul or car is on the street, his action wouldn’t endanger anyone on the street at the moment. In his opinion of interpreting the laws, it makes no sense to waste time and wait for the lights to change, so it’s safe for him to proceed through the red lights in the wee hours. He’s thinking at the moment a judge would understand him..., he doesn’t know a cop is also “ambushing†him, stops his car and issues him a ticket, of course, Howard disagrees with the cop, so he’ll go to court to defend his case, and he decides he wants his trial to be heard by a jury. He’ll ask Leonard Hofstadter to be his “lawyer†to defend the case for him. Of course, being a buddy, Leonard will try to steer the jury toward their common sense in making the decision… and the jury also leans that way. Though, a mistake was made during the jury selection, Sheldon is picked as a member of the jury. Being a man of logic and reasoning, also influenced by profession, so he always sees things in the exact black and white nature, just like the laws of nature dictate. While laws made by men, which is not an exact science, there’re room for being flexible and interpretation, which is how the jury also sees it. As a result, Sheldon and the jury are on the collision course. He is the only jury member who thinks Howard has broken the law, so he recommends sending Howard to the traffic school or he suggests Howard being chauffer to drive the other bad drivers to traffic school for a month. At the moment, the jury and Sheldon can’t see eye to eye, then we have a hang jury. Then the lawyer for the State (public defender) played by Jackie Chiles comes in to break the deadlock. He notices there’s some “chicken scratches†at the end of the police report. Something he thinks he can use to solve the hang jury problem. Since the cop hand writing on the traffic ticker is so bad, he can’t make out what the writing says. So he asks for assistance from a hand writing expert conveniently played by Amy Farrah Fowler to decipher it. She’s able to decode the bad penmanship. It says “the driver is operating vehicle in nudeâ€. (before getting to the fateful red lights, Howard was on the long trip. He was on the last leg of getting home. In order for him to stay awake in a long trip, he has a habit of driving in nude to prevent him from falling asleep at the wheel (the cool air arouses his senses to keep him awake. Also, another Howard’s defense, his concern for public safety). Then with this little fact, the Jury thinks they need to nail Howard for one the violations, so he could remember. For being human, they think they would let him go on running the lights in the wee hours, but for driving in nude…. Also, as time goes on, Sheldon realizes this is not an exact science; he becomes a bit lenient in his judgment (being human). He forgoes the idea of penalizing Howard on running the lights in the wee hours (another personal reason contributes to the decision is deepdown he pities Howard for having only master degree ). He turns around to agree with the jury. Then the jury hands Howard a class 2 felony (operating vehicle in nude) for indecent exposure in public (the cop witnessed it. It offended him). The punishment is Howard will be a chauffer to drive other bad drivers to traffic school for a month. The last scene of this episode would be Howard is just about taking a break in a park from a busy day of chauffeuring. He wears the chauffer hat. He’s sitting in the car (sweat is coming down his brows due to heavy winter coat he has on (the punishment for driving naked). the heavy coat with high collar made of fur. He’s hot and uncomfortable. Then an expensive Mercedez pulls up next to his car. Then tinted window rolls down, a real chauffer in French accent says “Monsieur! excuse me, moiâ€. “I like your lovely hat. Where did you get it? S’il vous plaitâ€. Howard wouldn’t know how to answer to the question. He embarrassingly says “it’s a giftâ€. Then he looks at the label. It says it’s made in China. Then the chauffer (pursing his lips) disdainfully says “is that right?â€, “merci!â€. Then he goes on (pointing finger to Howard heavy coat) and says “nice getup, Monsieur! but in this type of steamy hot weather, I’d rather drive naked!†(the episode ends with the punch-line). [There’s no comedy in the laws of nature, though there’s comedy in laws made by men or at least, in the interpretation of man-made laws].
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