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  1. I suggest getting them from a store to avoid getting fakes. Target and Best Buy have all the seasons and they are fairly cheap. Target even has season bundles where you get 2 seasons for 15-20 bucks. In store prices are sometimes cheaper than online btw.
  2. Nothing really that you couldn't figure out on your own....
  3. Its a natural progression of characters. I don't think that your thinking of a big picture. They are trying to develop the characters, they can't stay the exact same forever. I don't horribly care for Amy but she isn't awful either. I can say that I dislike the whole double story lines going on in the episodes right now. It gets old. I wish we could get back to a single story line involving everyone. It just seems to messy and like we are getting less content with each episode because of the number of characters/story lines they try and keep up with... I also disagree with this statement. More people want to see them together than not. They may split up for a moment but I believe they will inevitably end up together.
  4. Well we at least have through season 7. I'm pretty sure we will see at least 8 seasons so the end is not near for sure. Thank god for that! Def do not want to see lenord heart broken to end the show. You want to end a show on a positive not a negative. Sry but the writers are smart enough to know that ending it like that would be awful and upset the majority of viewers. Idk how it will end and I prefer not to think about it.
  5. If Lenard, Sheldon, or penny left the show I would simply stop watching. A change in cast especially the core cast cripples a show. When a show is established for 5 seasons you cant just get rid of a cast member. Some will argue....but look at two and a half men...and my response is, That show is not what it used to be. like it or not shows are not the same when cast is changed. Replacing Penny would be like replacing Elane or Craimer in seinfeld, replacing Joey or Frebbie in friends, replacing Barney or Robin in How I met your mother....just not good for shows.
  6. That is the exact thing I am arguing. It is an over the top subject that should have been left alone and not brought up. For this exact reason. People get offended by it in either direction. Its cliche now for the women to be super feminist and the man to stay home and it is un feminist now to be the stay at home mom. On the flip side of that though women would get upset that she would have to stay home. Even though if it wasn't a controversy in the show (meaning b liked kids and was ok staying home) noone would be talking about this. Its poor writing on my opinion for cheap drama in a comedy show. I think also that we are arguing the fact that they made it seem like having a family is bad. Idk the episode was funny but it was a little to over the top in my opinion. They should have left the subject alone. The same people claiming that we are bringing this up are the same people that cry racism or favoritism and that is what will kill this world. You can't say anything any more without offending someone.
  7. exactly. Not only that but then they would of had her hooking up with Lenard, and somewhat hooking up with raj and countless other random's on the show. It would be trashy
  8. They can do it. Think back to Friends. Rachel and Ross went on n off then ended up together final episode. As long as they end up together I'm happy. Now or later, and def don't want to see that crap some people are trying pull with Sheldon and Penny being together. Those people are bat-crap crazy if they really think that would be good.
  9. I kind of agree with lots of this. I can't stand all the stuff trying to not upset people on all these shows. They have to make Howard the stay at home as to not upset women really.... it's stupid to me. Its like going to get a job and being more qualified but they give it to a minority because they feel like they would upset someone if they didnt. I didn't care for her being a bitch to the kids and pushing Howard to stay home and bashing family life like that. I really hope they end up breaking up now because of it.
  10. While it does seem like they should talk about it because they favor DC on the show keep in mind that they favor Xbox also and that could be the reason for them not mentioning it.
  11. Amy is a terrific character and you are all a bunch of cry babies. I agree that the show has lost some of what it originally had but it is still a great show.
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