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  1. Going outside to fill my wild bird feeders (wild, as in "not" tame..... Not "wild" as in WOO HOO...party over here). lol. We are expecting snow late tonight and chilly temps.
  2. Hello Abbey! Welcome & Enjoy!
  3. Hi Karin! Welcome! Isn't the show fun? I love Sheldon too! Have fun here.... This is a great community!
  4. Hi sissypants! Welcome and enjoy the fun! This is a great place to meet and share with other TBBT fans.
  5. Hi Dan! Its nice to meet you.
  6. Sub-Atomic Punk...... EXCELLENT POST! I whole-heartedly agree with you. And... please forgive me if I offened you with my comment in reply to your original post. That was never my intention. Live long... And prosper!
  7. I would love to see Meemaw interact with her Moonpie!
  8. :icon_lol:Thank you NetMouse! Your help is greatly appreciated!
  9. sorry... I was unable to highlight the entire previous post. ( by Sub-Atomic Punk). I was referring to the statement of "Well Rounded Social Beings" .... That there is not only one way to be "normal". The original premise of the show (s1-s3) revolved around the 4 guys (and Penny) and their geek/science environment. This being their lifestyle, made it "normal" for them. That said. Every individual has their own perception of "normal".
  10. Welcome! "Crazy in love" That is a great description!"
  11. So, are the writers looking to celebrate nerds, prod them to become less nerdy and more well- rounded social beings, or put them outside their comfort zones and see if they grow as people or retreat into their nerd universe ..... I believe the term "well rounded social beings" is subjective. It shouldn't be the driving force behind the writing of the show to conform the characters to the mainstream. It is their individual uniqueness that gives them the qualities we are drawn to. There is an old saying.... What's popular isn't always right.... And what's right isn't always popular.
  12. That is highly illogical... Yet... Fascinating. Lol
  13. Hello NattyFido! Welcome! Its nice to make your acquaintance. This is a great place to share about TBBT! ENJOY!
  14. Hey! Thanks for the welcome/greetings!
  15. Hi everyone! I am a big fan of TBBT. I spent the New Years Weekend enjoying a TBBT marathon with my kids. We love the show! Being the mother of gifted/geeks (& one myself) ... its nice to watch a program dedicated to Geekdom. We are often a misunderstood culture. Though the episodes are often true representations of how geeks/nerds are seen, I appreciate that the characters are such that we can empathize with them. I love it! I greatly enjoy reading through the forums here. The comments are all so interesting. This site has been well thoughtout and managed. Nice meeting you all... Thank you for taking the time to read this. Pie R Square
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