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  1. Just an idea because I want to see the cast and get autographs but I think Sheldon and the gang should be unleashed on the UK public as I feel this would make a cracking show.not everyone's cup of tea but just an idea,if not UK then somewhere else. What you all think? @jmclean1982(twitter)
  2. Nah that doesn't happen,maybe a jug of water then pour yourself but not ready for u before u sit down.
  3. I was watching a few of season 5 episodes where sheldons mum comes for a visit and he gets upset with everyone for spoiling his plans for his mum to make him homemade chicken and later on pie. I noticed that when they all arrive at the sushi bar and sit down there is all ready 3 glasses of water sitting at the table and they continue to talk away and nothing is said about it from sheldon even tho in previous episodes were Leonard kids on a napkin of his was taken and used by sheldon a fuss was made about germs and when raj says he took his water and drank it a bigger fuss was made then. i just found this strange so sorry for rabbiting on. Love the show
  4. Hi everyone on the Big Bang Theory site follow me on twitter to talk about the show or share your thoughts. My user name is same for Twitter

  5. So Leonard Nimoy is going to make a voise appearance on the show shortly but who else in future series would you like to see? Or do we need anyone else?
  6. If penny got replaced or left the show would it bother you? They do still have Amy and Bernadette after all.
  7. who would you like to be stuck in the lift with or not if you were on the show for one episode and why?
  8. When the show finally comes to a end(but not for a few good seasons yet!) Would you not like to finally see Howard's mother? If so what do you think she should look like...?
  9. They should fix the lift on the show and they dont notice till the end of the program and when they come to use it,it breaks.
  10. I would like to see an episode were Sheldon losses his memory for a while after a little bump to the head (maybay falling down the stairs playing the bongos again)and he becomes NORMAL
  11. One of the best and funniest episodes yet,and good to see more of Raj
  12. For me I think episode 7 is the best so far for this season but I want to see more about raj in the future,let's see his caracture progress more. Love the show:icon_cheesygrin:
  13. Bernadette needs to go,I find her role in the show boring and stiff and don't see her and Howard getting married,I think Bernadette will be gone by the end of season 5!(that is what I pray for anyway)
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