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  1. uvula

    Need help

    Unfortunately, nothing worked: ( But thank you all anyway
  2. uvula

    Need help

    Thank you! This is exactly what I'll do! (Hoping that the payment for IMDB really will prove to be useful ...)
  3. uvula

    Need help

    Oh no! Heaven forbid me from being an annoying and rude as the woman you are talking about! i am Really not that girl!!!!! I would never write such things and never bother anyone (Look how I'm thinking only whether to send another tweet) and the previous tweets was sent within two days apart .. About the idea to send him something he can answer on the Twitter it is not possible I need to send a file ... I'm doing all I can to not be a disturbing someone! I very much respect the privacy of others and it is very important to me Probably if I do not find a solution now, I just stop (yesterday I said I sent another tweet, but I preferred to wait with this until I might find another way) Think about it we are here talking about it a lot But all that has been done until now is to send two tweets With large time differences It seems very important to clarify this point ...
  4. uvula

    Need help

    This is not anything about spoilers And always when I wrote this tweet its in a polite form ("Hi I'm new at the Twitter Is there a way to contact you privately, such as email) this is the post ... I'll try again ..
  5. uvula

    Need help

    been there done that I have tried three times on Twitter and he did not answer me I'm afraid to Look like a disturbing woman I'll try the MDB if I have to but I worry that I should give my credit card for the details .. On the other hand I've Been looking for six weeks for his email, ...... Thanks for your help Is there another idea? Do you think I should tweet again? Is this not be taken as disturbing?
  6. uvula

    Need help

    Yes its true but the thing is it costs money Yes there is free registration site for two weeks but I do not trust the fact that after two weeks I could disconnect from the site There is also the fact that I came across a lot of sites that I can not watch their content (such as video or articles. Because I am geographically not in the U.S. (or British sites that are within the UK) I'm from Israel. And there is no one to promise me that if I pay or only put my credit card information (which is very threatening to me because of my friend that some website stole money from her credit card ..) Do you know someone who is registered to the site and know it is safe and not dangerous? The site can really be a solution if indeed he gives me his email address ... The question is if I can really trust that site that claims to give the e-mail What do you think? And thanks for the help
  7. uvula

    Need help

    It's worth a shot .... Perhaps someone who knows the email would be here Or know how to get it ...
  8. uvula

    Need help

    No one? Really?!
  9. I've been looking for a way to communicate with Bill Prady (email for example) and I do not mean the Twitter. I'm looking for his email or Chuck's Email Can you help me? Or could you tell me where I can get their email? I'd really appreciate your help Thank you
  10. I have a cool idea: Episode: "Friends" David Schwimmer (AKA Ross Geller ) as: Sheldon Matt Le Blanc (AKA Joey ) as: Raj Matthew Perry (AKA Tzndlr ) as: Leonard Paul Rudd (Mike Hannigan AKA) as: Howard Jennifer Aniston (AKA Riitzl) as: penny Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe AKA) as: Brandt Courtney Cox (Monica AKA ) as: Amy And the guest: Maggie Wheeler (Janice AKA) as: Leslie The chapter begins in the boys living room Sheldon (in his usual place), Amy, Raj, Brandt, Leonard, Penny and Howard Sheldon: (David Schwimmer):" Before we begin I would like to note that we are seven"! Leonard: "Yes Sheldon, why is it so important to note that we are seven?" Howard: (after Raj whispers in his ear) "Yes Raj I also want to know why Leonard wants us to die in great pain" Leonard: It is better for him to speak now and be done with it... Remember what happened last time we tried to stop him? I do not want to eat frozen food again!!! At least not after 3 hours!!! Howard: A fair point. Sheldon, Why is it important that we are seven Sheldon: The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood (also known as the Pre-Raphaelites) was a group of English painters, poets, and critics, founded in 1848 by William Holman Hunt, John Everett Millais and Dante Gabriel Rossetti The three founders were soon joined by William Michael Rossetti, James Collinson, Frederic George Stephens and Thomas Woolner to form a seven-member "brotherhood". Seven! , We are seven! Of course I'm not suggesting that We establish brotherhood of Art , I personally do not know why they were all doing it ... Ignorant people probably will have to waste time on trifles like art But we're five doctors, one engineer, and... (Looks at penny).... Waitress We can, under my direction, of course .. Create a new stream that will affect the physics world, and I mean doctors of the matter between ourselves. You (looking at Howard and Penny) will be in public relations .... And Wait have not reached the best part! the Name of the group will be" : Leonard:" Let me guess Coopersville or Cooperfizika?" Sheldon: " I was thinking of "Sheldoniya" but "Coopersville" is a great idea ... Well done Leonard! its indeed a bit hard to believe, but you have managed to contribute a little something to the world of physics! penny: Eat fast! Before it gets cold This will be the opening scene of the chapter. When all cast of "Friends" plays the the characters of "The Big Bang Theory" The final scene will be: With the original cast of the Big Bang: They enter a new cafe (coffee house of "friends" of course) where the final scene would be when Sheldon looking for the best place on the couch ... It's my idea:) ______________________________________________________ like!!!!
  11. Would you like to add a new character Yes? No? Reasons ...
  12. uvula

    Poor Raj...

    I have an interesting idea about raj girlfriend Here's a scene I wrote Her name is Abgiil Tell me what you think • Please note that all these things Written by me And all connection with reality entirely coincidental Raj's girl called "Abigail Cohen" she is Howard's relative who came to his wedding (if there is one) the special things about Abigail is that for the first season in which she Appears in the bbt She would have no personality of her own she will function as a mirror to all the characters For example if she will be close to Sheldon At one point she starts to act like him and so she can "explain" him to the rest of the characters ... Or if for example she is close to PENNY So she dresses differently and getting drunk.. she functions as a mirror to the characters that Surround her she creates hilarious situations Plus she also functions as a Walking "OCD" Think of it this way: If Amy is the smart side of Sheldon So Abigail is his "OCD" side which creates an amusing situations as the following situation: ______________________________________________________________ Background: Raj, Howard, Brandt, Amy, Sheldon, Leonard ,and Abigail are Waiting in line to Comic-Con (The boys won the girls in a game) They notice a sign that reads: "Read the following colors" and the sign shows colored lines in the following order: Blue Green Red Yellow Orange White Sheldon and Abigail together: Sheldon: White Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Abigail: Blue Green Red Yellow Orange White Sheldon : You're reading it wrong! I would not expect otherwise ... Really how one can read it backwards! Abigail: No! You're reading it wrong! You should read colors from left to right not right to left Sheldon: If you were studying the physics of color you would know that: Penny: a physics of color??? Sheldon: (Ignoring penny) Electromagnetic radiation is characterized by its wavelength or frequency and its intensity. When the wavelength is within the visible spectrum .the range of wavelengths humans can perceive, approximately from 390 nm to 750 nm, it is known as "visible light". Most light sources emit light at many different wavelengths; a source's spectrum is a distribution giving its intensity at each wavelength. Although the spectrum of light arriving at the eye from a given direction determines the color sensation in that direction, there are many more possible spectral combinations than color sensations. In fact, one may formally define a color as a class of spectra that give rise to the same color sensation. Maybe your brain not functions properly and as a result you do not see colors properly What leads you to read colors wrong Abigail: Between you and me we know which brain functions better Raj : Whispering something in Howard's ear Howard: yes it is difficult to decide Sheldon: Amy, do you have any reasonable explanation for this situation??? The group responded in "Awooooo The line starts to move Amy: Let us in quickly ___________________________________________________________________ After a several meetings With the group and raj,the Boys decided to go and see a new comic creator that Abigail really wanted to see (The other girls were not interested) But she was bothered By the fact that Raj cannot talk When she's around So she decided to dress like a man and go with them And so we created a new male figure Abigail's impersonation of a man makes the funniest men figure!!!!! This is just the beginning and it needs more character development and Except from the scene i have written, There is much more amusing scenes and much more developed than the scene above. If the writers decide to introduce a new character for Raj I think she'll be the perfect figure ... Functioning as a mirror image of all the other characters and full of OCD to annoy Sheldon And she has her own door knocking Hope you enjoyed reading the scene Uvula ïŠ P.S no ... I have no idea what Sheldon said but it sounded like something smart and arrogant enough for him to say it ... I tried hard to adapt the scientific values into text If I did it the wrong way ... Please forgive me:) English is no my native language so if there are misspellings or other careless mistakes I apologize in advance
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