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  1. Season 1-3's Sheldon would have simply declined.
  2. Galecki is short. He's about 5"5 that's short for a man.
  3. From what I'd read here most Shamys only like Sheldon if he will play house with Amy, otherwise they don't think much of him either. What do you like about the character now, that doesn't have anything to do with what Amy wants from him?
  4. There’s nothing wrong with that. I didn’t say that fans who liked the new Sheldon were wrong too, that’s entirely up to them. I said there’s no point arguing with people who won’t admit the character has changed. Personally, I prefer the early Sheldon, who didn’t giggle, was deadpan, factual and uber-intelligent. He’s not a likeable character anymore, he was likeable when he was honest and unique. I can understand why fans hate him now. There’s nothing left to like.
  5. There's little point in discussing the changes in the show with people on this forum, it's a frustrating exercise in futilely. If they can not see the difference between the Sheldon in S1-3 and this new Sheldon then why waste your time? It's glaring obvious and doesn't even warrant pointing out. You won't last long here if you are not a shipper, 100% behind the new seasons. Everyone else left a long time ago.
  6. Meh! This show has hit the mother of all reefs.
  7. I agree with one word in this sentence, WAS. We used to have plots about Howard trying to fix the space toilet, or going to war with Kripke and the Killer robot, or card game wars at the comic book store with Wil Wheaton. The relationship section of the older episodes is a smaller part of it's content. Now most episodes are 100% relationship with a few nerdy soundbites.
  8. No offense to all the hard work bigbangsheldon put in to making this list but it really spells out how awful this season has been. There's not much to vote for. We didn't get a single nerd or science moment that I would call classic. Guest stars don't count and Star Wars is mainstream anyway.
  9. Yes I think that is what they they do. But should we be able to predict his story so easily? A great story is meant to surprise us. We should not know the ending ahead of time.
  10. I don't really care what happens with Sheldon and Amy, it never connected with me. They could return to being friends and I wouldn't blink. Amy could has been a much funnier and engaging character without him IMO. In fact I think they missed an opportunity but that's for another topic. And Sheldon needs a damn shake-up, he's lost his mojo. The writers need to get their thinking caps on and come up with something to entertain us for 3 more years and they know it. Penny and Leonard getting engaged again, no surprises there, it's been coming for a while. Whether anyone cares about it now, is another matter. Was it worth the wait? Does anyone think she's the girl for him and he's the guy for her? I still can't figure out why they're with each other half the time. They seem to have settled into a routine. Raj? I think they should have made him gay now. At first I hated the dreadful stereotypical jokes at his expense but it would have given him an edge. Howard and Bernie, again does anyone care? The show is still very much a threeway, Sheldon, Penny and Leonard. With Howard and Amy coming in next. The outline you proposed is unlikely to keep the show going for 3 years. Unless the stories get a lot thinner.
  11. I have little to add to this, you've captured it all so perfectly. Bravo! I don't find this a romantic story either. It's all about breaking people, its disturbing and delusional. Love should be given freely and this Sheldon is not an approvement. He's a squealing buffoon changed so he can be broken and reassembled.
  12. Well since you seem to think you know my philosophy already I won't bore you with the details. Unbelievable! For those of you who have not been on this site for over two years like myself, I will enlighten you I USED TO BE A SHAMY SUPPORTER. yes, I'm a ex-shamy. Put that in your pipe Mister.
  13. How can you not see how weird that kiss looks? Blah!
  14. Oh please! how can you call that "utterly disgusting", when your favourite character is a stapler licking, web-toed, toothbrush masturbating, crotch flasher? These days she can be seen rolling her eyes at the other characters, including her own bf. Bit rich coming from her. We are supposed to be sympathetic because she was bullied at school? They were all bullied at school!
  15. I was kidding about Beverley but they were a lot funnier. Not nearly enough.
  16. No way, Penny was caring in the old days. She way more selfish now. I think it's all because of the other female characters. They have altered Penny so they can fit in these other girls, it's bad writing. They should have keep her the alpha female, now Amy has taken over. She has more street smarts than Penny but it's nowhere near as good.
  17. I'd have Sheldon dating Leonard's mother or any of the other females who have been on the show before Amy. No chemistry, she's not hot. She's not even warm.
  18. There was little to consider. Penny was a better character in the earlier seasons, now she's not even that likeable. The girls sit their rolling their eyes at her. Is that the Penny we started watching the show for?
  19. This is all Shamy are about. I have been a Sheldon fan for years and the destruction of his character for this lame ass romance is all his plot line is about now. He's been turned into a fool! Don't like their choice of girlfriend. Don't like their ridiculous story.
  20. Totally agree! Penny has gone downhill, they have taken away her social skills, her humanity, her street smarts and given her nothing in return. So she quit her job? What of it? Penny is made to look stupid in almost every scene.
  21. Sheldon being patronised, Amy looking down on him. Sheldon has been turned into a complete twit, all because of that horrible woman. Can't stand the sight of her. It's the worst possible thing they could have done to the character.
  22. 5. The Precious Fragmentation – is the one with the ring. 4. The Pants Alternative – that's easy who doesn't remember that one. 3. The Staircase Implication – I think it's implication but correct me if I'm wrong
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