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  1. Picard all the way. what a steel fox
  2. Do you find these to be accurate? http://www.rockworldeast.com/store/Bands,Big_Bang_Theory/Big_Bang_Theory_Bobbleheads_5_Piece_Mini_Set I really wish Amy and Bernadette came with this. Does anyone know of another set that includes them as well?
  3. I'm really into the walking dead myself. Its in my top 5 for sure
  4. I just ordered my dad this House Targaryen T-shirt mostly because he is in love with Dany and I thought him walking around with a picture of a hot chick on himself would be weird. As I said before, im house Stark all the way. I am very unimpressed with how long it takes Mr.Martin to churn out the books. I mean, 5 and six years? who has the time to wait around for that?
  5. I'm loving the Game Of Thrones Series! I just got this House Stark shirt and am now saving up to order the others! If you are thinking about getting a GOT shirt, I recommend Rockworldeast because of their awesome $5.89 flat rate shipping Check out their Game Of Thrones Store Here: http://www.rockworldeast.com/store/Game_Of_Thrones
  6. I have not seen Iron Maiden yet either, but I think luck will be changing for me on their MaidenEngland tour I'm usually not that into horror, but who cant love a good zombie series? Some other things I'm currently right into are: 1. Sons Of Anarchy 2. Games Of Thrones (and the books) 3. Dexter (I'm a late adopter here) of course BBT and I just started watching epic meal time... im not sure what I think about it yet. I do love bacon, and its pretty much the main ingrediant in everything they make, so im not sure why i dont love it more
  7. the film is amazing, better than i thought it would be with many many hilarious suprises
  8. I say Australians and Canadians are on par with a lot of things, metal, drinking, and general awesomeness
  9. Ive read all of the books and im pumped about the show. Ive seen all of season one and cannot wait to see more
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