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  1. Touche! Did anyone notice that Sheldon looked considerably buff compared to his usual extremely lean/skinny structure? (may be intentional to suppliment the new romantic angle of the character). He also reminded me of the Sheldon in episode one. I'm so glad he's speaking relatively normal again and not with that high pitch, squeeky, nasal, childlike voice he puts on.
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    Completely agree. But the fact is that their stories, as a group and as individuals, are dependant on these female characters. It always annoyed me, but its true that every synopsis or introduction of the show states that its about two geeks and their pretty neighbour across the hall... and the two other geeky friends, as opposed to this show is about four geeky friends.
  3. milti girl, you have summed up exactly what I was trying to say but were far more articulate at it! However, contrary to your preference, Sheldon's complete ignorance of such a predominent social aspect is a bit unsettling to me and I preferred the original way in which the character was writeen i.e not sexual but cognizant of the reality of sex as a part of society and popular culture. thanks netmouse, lol I was a bit ahead of myself there.
  4. Have you seen ep.12 of season 5? I can only find up to ep.11 on torrent.
  5. Hi Abigail! Are they showing season 5? Everytime I catch it its always a rerun in random order! Haha yea love all the Sheldon flash moments, but I just think they developed his character to be much more of a social outcast, at times not understanding any social cues what so ever, than how he seems in the pilot or the first season for that matter. e.g in one of the episodes in the first season, Sheldon tells Leonard that he noticed Leslie had been shaving her legs and since it was winter she might be signalling sexual availability (bahaha), but then in a later episode (I think season two) when the neighbors upstairs are getting busy he thinks their jumping on their bed? I'm glad the writers are redirecting his character in the latest episodes, espcially with his interactions with Amy. I just don't like it when they make him seem completely nuts!
  6. Hi guys! I'm new here I live in Sydney, Australia and HATE that I have to wait longer than most of the world to see new episodes of my favourite American sitcoms but what can you do. Anyhow, given the Xmas holidays I've been doing day&night Big Bang marathons with limited or no physical activity to speak of in between, which is a tad concerning - Nevertheless, there was something I was hoping to discuss with my fellow fans. Since this is my first post, Im unaware of if this has been discussed previously..apologies if it has.. but I was thinking about the way Sheldon is portrayed in the first/early episodes compared to how his character is gradually developed into an exceedingly odd individual/complete social outcast. IMO, it seems like Sheldon was far less socially awkward with a consderable understanding of basic human interacton in the Pilot episode (he isn't even the first to call it coitus) Yes he still OCDs over his chair, but he doesn’t jump to fetch his 'roommate agreement' when Penny (a complete stranger at this point) asks to use the shower and Leonard agrees. He also doesn’t rattle on about being bullied and losing his pants when they drive all the way to Penny’s ex to grab her TV, which they dont even end up getting. In any other season he would have made some friendship terminating threats and/or indulged in incessant nagging. Also, Penny (again still a complete stanger at this point) HUGS Sheldon, while he’s not wearing any pants! (Need I say more). I wouldn’t have minded if ‘ this ’ Sheldon had continued in the series instead of the blatantly “special†Sheldon, which often verges on excessively annoying (yes in a humorous way) in the third and fourth seasons (despite the writers making up for it here and there by portraying him as a child at heart). Pilot epi Sheldon is still outrageously intellgent, pedantic, specific, mildly arrogant and harmlessly condescending, BUT he’s not crazy. Later they make him crazy. Thoughts? M
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