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  1. Im on both Facebook and Twitter (sorry nearly said Tweetor) I use them both about the same. Twitter account name is Mattheato4 if you want to follow.
  2. Going to the Cinema is a favourite Hobby of mine, but of course grown up, getting jobs and getting married soon puts this on a back burner, and now I go when I can or want to really see something. The last film I saw was the Woman in Black, and I think the film before that was the Fast five (can't be too sure tho)
  3. I can't wait to see the Hobbit, and loved the book when I read it. However I believe they should have done the Hobbit first. I feel some people will go into the film on the expectations of it being just like LOTR's and end up being disappointed, where really they should go in as if it's a brand new film never seen similar films like it.
  4. I like to follow Juve in Serie A, and it's good to see they are back amongst the top where they belong. When it comes to Internationals, I will always support England but follow Spain and Holland. I have always been attracted to Spain the country but have never been, but love the way they play. As I have previously stated I support Bolton, but do follow other teams (as keep an eye on them) and it order it would be Accrington Stanley, Deportivo La Coruna, and Juve.
  5. Mine in no particular order Lost Friends 24 Vampire Diaries Red Dwarf Black Books Big Bang Theory
  6. The worst film I have seen to date is War of the worlds Tom Cruise version, I wanted to walk out of of the cinema so much but it's against my policy, ive commited to the film so I have to see it through. I even figured out the ending half way through (and please note I have not seen the original)
  7. My all time favourite film is Jurassic Park. Then after this my five favourite films are: 2) Back to the future part 2 (really I like all three) 3) Stars Episode IV (really I like the original three) 4) A beautiful mind 5) ELF 6) Schinders list
  8. Heres a small list of mine: Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (thats what is was called in UK) Poddington Peas Thomas the Tank engine Power Rangers (Mighty Morphin) Pokemon Knightmare Kyrpten factor Saved by the Bell Rocco's Modern life Ghostbuster (80's original) Thunderbirds Budgie the Helicopter Sharkey and George .. .. .. and many many more
  9. Firstly, @ bensmith, not sure if I am doing a Sheldon here and not realising you are being sarcastic, but How I met your mother, and Big Bang is American. My Favourite British TV Shows (being from England) Red Dwarf - I own season 1 - 8 on DVD, need to get back to earth just to have it in my collection, and I am excited to see what RDX will be like when it launches in October on Dave. Black Books Spaced The IT Crowd - Love how Chris O'Dowd is popping up in films now. e,g, the boat that rocked, Gulliver travels (Jack Black Remake) Auf Weidersein pet (Parents love it, so sort of brought up on it) Teachers (staring Andrew Lincoln who I believe is now in Walking the dead) Two Pints of Larger and packet of Crisps (not so much when Johnny got killed off) Britas Empire Others don't come to mind, but there are more
  10. mattheato4


    Sorry to clog up the board, slow day at the office, I imagine this could be a topic that has already been covered, but just wanted to see what everyone else favourite music moments where etc. Please answer the following if you want 1) Favourite concert/gig (can do all time favourite or top 5) 2) Favourite festival 3) Have you ever gone to a music gig/concert to watch the main act but not known who the support is and liked them, and still do now? 4) Have you ever met/chilled out with/spoken to a band, band member or solo artist? I'll start: 1) my top 5: 1) Green Day 2) Bon Jovi 3) Alkaline Trio 4) The Offspring 5) The Starting Line 2) Leeds Festival (only been to Leeds, and Download) 3) Yes Motion City Soundtrack (since seen twice) and Crackout (who no longer exist) 4) Yes - Met the band Sugarcult and got autographs. Watch Alkaline Trio do a sound check. Met Motion City Soundtrack and had a chat with them. Spoke and hung out with the lead singer of the All American Rejects while watching the warm up act to their gig, and had a beer with the already drunk basist from Homegrown Look forward to some replies Cheers Matt
  11. I posted this as my facebook status a while ago, and got quite a good response, and thought I would give it ago in here to see what other peoples views are. 1) DC or Marvel 2) Favourite Character of said comic book 3) Light or Dark Side 4) Colour of lightsaber 5) Could you turn Master Yoda to the darkside? Cheers Matt
  12. It does make you think how some teams can managed when they are in so much debt, and it was a shock to hear that Rangers had applied for Administration, as they always have Champions League football year in year out. I think teams like City and Chelsea will suffer very badly when there rich owners leave..
  13. That is correct, along with Burnley, Bolton was one of the founding members of the football league. Notts County is the oldest football team
  14. It would be nice to see a team fielding a team purely of players from that area or surrounding borough if smaller teams, but Money is the main objective for most players and these teams who have vast amount of money want the best players going. I support Bolton Wanderers as I am from Bolton and since Owen Coyle has been in charge I can safely say he is trying to get our youngsters into the team, not all are from Bolton but have been in our academy set up for years. The FA have stated from 2014 (I think don't quote me) that in the starting 11 4 players have to be from the UK and I think 2 are from the teams area. I too like watching other leagues such like La Liga, Eriedivision and have a soft spot for both Ajax and Deportivo La Coruna, but i mainly like to watch games from the Championship/league 2 as I think some great football is played there too.
  15. My Fav band: Green Day Fav Singer: Bille Joe Armstrong
  16. My All time favourite song is (Good Riddance) Time of your life by GreenDay
  17. My Favourite Christmas song is: In Dulci Jubilo by Mike Oldfield.
  18. Ringtone: Big Bang Theory Intro (Bare naked ladies (not that you needed that)) Message tone: - Lost Intro - Subject to change either Sheldon saying Bazinga, or FFVII victory fanfare Alarm Tone: Scrubs Intro
  19. Red Dwarf has just filmed a tenth season that will be aired in the UK in October, I seasons 1 - 8 and with them filming RDX that must make Red Dwarf: Back to Earth season 9. I can't wait to see our awesome RD featured in this wonderful show.. We are about 4 episodes behind in the UK but are on a break from broadcasting.
  20. mattheato4


    Hey Guys, Firstly I apologies if this has already be covered as this is from season 2 and we now in season 5, but I recently watched season 2 from the beginning and wondered if there was any indication where Stephanie disappeared too, as the last we heard was that Leonard text her saying it would help there relationship if she moves out, and he things he will be dumped, but doesn't as he runs of to have sex i imagine. Just curious?? Cheers Matt
  21. I had heard of the show probably when season 2 was being shown but I had never watched it, and then one night I was watching misfits and E4 and was waiting for Scrubs to come on (I have all season on DVD but still watch them) and a program called 'The Big Bang Theory' double episode was on inbetween. So I thought I have heard about this show so I will leave it on while i wait. It was the first 2 episodes of the show. I will be the first to admit that I don't understand some of the show, but I was laughing my head off at these episodes. As soon as they finished I went onto my I-phone and my tv listings app to find that this show was on again the night after before scrubs (bare in mind this is roughly 11:30pm - 12:30Pm on E4 depending whats on before). So for the next two weeks I watched TBBT and thought this is one of the best TV shows around and it then became a ritual of mine to watch TBBT and then Scrubs before going to sleep. After two weeks I noticed that they had gone back to the pilot episode which I thought was strange, but I had found out at the time Season 4 was coming to an end, and they did a two week stint of various episodes of season 1 - 3. Then after the two weeks, they started it again from Season 1 episode 1 and show 2 episodes a night Monday through Sunday. I watch it religiously every night, and they have just gone back to season 1 again after showing all episodes of season 1 - 4. We are currently on a break from season 5 so can't wait for that to return over her in the UK. My wife "claims" that the program is rubbish but she will watch it "because" I am watching it, but yet she is killing herself laughing too. She also bought me the Season 1 - 4 boxset for Christmas :D
  22. Tonight will be Season 5 Episode 11 in the UK.
  23. @avoidingtherealworld, lol they probably are, but I wouldn't mind watching it twice, might pick up on things that I didn't see on box set 1. Then again I also continue to watch TBBT on E4 just had the North Pole expidition
  24. My all time favourite is Jurassic Park, however I have to many films that I love and like to mention To name a few: Star Wars IV - VI trilogy, Back to the Future Trilogy, Green Mile, Shaun of the Dead/Hot Fuzz (Love Spaced too), Happy Gilmore (I can watch this back to back) and another film I watched and was so impressed with I watch again straight away was Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
  25. Up until watching the Season 5 Halloween episode my clear favourite episode was The Einstein Approximation, followed by the Indiana Jones Episode. I first saw the The Einstein Approximation at 01:00hrs (or so) on E4 (in the UK) and when Leonard and Sheldon are in the ball pit, I was in stiches, it was the best thing ever, my wife was snuggled into me and her head was boucning up and down I was laughing that hard. I loved it that much I missed the episode shown after as I was still laughing. After this I would say the season 5 Halloween episode was awesome, the Indiana Jones Episode even had the wife laughing and she "claims" she don't like TBBT (for shame I know) and then the episode where Penny dislocates her shoulder/Meteor watching Cheers Matt
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