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  1. I'd like to see Leonard's mother return for a couple of episodes--I know that Christine Baranski has a recurring role on THE GOOD WIFE, but she's just TOO funny as Leonard's mother not to come back for at least one episode. And I'd like to see Kripke some more--the last I remember, he and Sheldon had at least become tolerant of each other, maybe the writers could build on that. Priya--no. IMO she 'downed' every episode she was in. Zack--definitely. He's dumb as a post, but he's really a sweet guy and I've always liked his interaction with the four of the geniuses. I'm not sure w
  2. It's Leonard's "Sthick", just like Sheldon's twitches. Part of his character. It wouldn't be the same Leonard without the squint, IMO.
  3. Nobody passes out as hilariously as Sheldon, and he got to do it twice in this episode. It was also very funny to see him playing 'lab-goon' to Amy, cleaning the beakers and miscounting the slides and actually stretching Amy's patience. The more she's on the show, the more I like their interaction. I've seen an interview with the two of them, and it's pretty obvious that Jim Parsons is delighted to have Mayim as his 'partner'. So am I, frankly. One thing I did find a little disturbing was the Howard/Bernardette sub-plot, especially the final scene. I wonder how the pre-nup is going to a
  4. I think that Howard's mother is best heard and not seen. Especially from some of the descriptions we get about her from Howard and the rest of the characters. And Carol Ann Susi is, IMO at least, quite an attractive woman, so actually seeing her on the show might punch a big hole in what the audience actually expects her to look like. Actually, the 'mother' I'd like to see more of on the show is Leonard's, played by the fabulous Christine Baranski. That woman just cracks me up!
  5. Good one. My favorite is still Howard's fast move under the table when he sees Bernadette after they've broken up, though his Indian Break-Dancing runs a close second. That's one FUNNY guy!
  6. IMO Kaley would be cute in a gunny-sack. The dress was no big deal but here SMILE sure was!!
  7. Actually, I have a question about the Leslie Winkle character--as I've mentioned before, I'm fairly new to BBT and am catching up on re-runs on a couple of satellite channels--which means they aren't being shown in any particular order. In several of the episodes, Leslie and Sheldon are definitely adversarial, yet in another episode (I'm sure this is from Season 2), they are shown together in a fairly 'neutral' relationship, not exactly collegial, but not adversarial, either. Is there a point in Season 2 where they became enemies? And if so, could someone point out the title of the show so
  8. No. I think the show and the characters have evolved too much. And I think that's as it should be.
  9. My hobby is model railroading, and Sheldon is a bonafide train nut (I think this is also true of Jim Parsons, or so I've heard), so anytime he gets all warm and fuzzy about trains, I immediately connect. I almost died laughing in the episode where he balanced an N-scale locomotive on his tongue, and either Parsons himself or the writers were spot on with his soliloquoy about the difference in model railroad scales in that same episode when he got back from the opening of the new model train shop in town.
  10. I had a good time with the episode, especially Bernardette verbally smacking the one kid during Howard's magic act ("You got rocks in your ears, kid?"). And Sheldon in the jewelry store becoming infatuated with the railroad pocket watch when he is supposed to be getting Amy an 'I Apologize' present--Sheldon and his trains again! And Amy breaking into song mid-way through her tirade to Sheldon as she takes the tiara out of the bag just put me onto the floor. Though I'm still catching up on the series via syndication, it's become 'must see' for me on Thursdays. Where the heck have I BEEN the
  11. TWhite


    I like Amy a lot, she makes a great foil for Sheldon, and oddly enough, a good foil for Penny (that BFF 'crush' Amy has on Penny is, IMO more in admiration for Penny's affability, rather than anything 'overt'. I mean who of us DIDN'T want to hang around with the 'cool' ones. especially when they turned out to be really nice people?). To me, if any of the 'newer' characters don't really fit in with the show, it's Raj's sister Priya. I just don't get her, sorry to say. I'm fairly new to the show, though I've been watching the older seasons in syndication, and I'm much more comfortable with
  12. Hello there everyone. New to the forum and relatively new to THE BIG BANG THEORY, having just started watching the regular show this last season. Luckily, two of my satellite channels have the show in syndication, so I've been able to catch up on the early seasons. It's simply the funniest show on TV as far as I'm concerned. What a GREAT ensemble cast! For me, it's a throwback to the great 'screwball' comedies that Hollywood used to make in the 'thirties and 'forties. I'm a recently retired choral teacher at a Catholic boy's high school, so if you'll pardon this comment: I had my
  13. I watch all three. I was disappointed when Petersen left the original CSI Las Vegas, but Fishburne really started to grow on me. Now he's replaced by Danson, who's bringing his own stamp, and I'm not having any trouble at all getting used to him. I'm going to miss Marge Hellenberger, though--for me she was kind of the 'glue' that held the group together. I like CSI NY--really GREAT ensemble cast, at least IMO. And the new addition--Sela Ward--is really growing on me. I like her easy rapport with Sinese (one of my favorite actors, period!). I run hot and cold on CSI Miami, but I
  14. TWhite

    favorite movie?

    Way too many movies to mention, since I'm a bonafide Classic Film Fanatic. However, I'm a big fan of 'screwball' comedies such as THE LADY EVE, BRINGING UP BABY, HIS GIRL FRIDAY, THE AWFUL TRUTH and ONE, TWO, THREE!. Which is one reason I like THE BIG BANG THEORY so much--it's really a throwback to great 'screwball' comedy, at least IMO.
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