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  1. how do u get the vids off your dvr? do u have to do anything to the actual hardware, or can u just wire it to your pc?? Actually you can record it on your Computer..I forgot about that...using windows media center..then upload it to well wherever you want...my media center is all screwed up or I'd do it. I accidentally erased some of my program files and screwed it up. Penny -"So what do you guys do for fun around here ?" Sheldon-"WELL..today we tried masturbating for money!-
  2. NO the big Bang DID NOT MAKE A NOISE!!! there was NO air or gas or atmosphere of any kind for sound to travel through..there weren't even any atoms or mater of any kind at the moment it happened...just pure energy..and no where for sound to travel TO even if there was...there was no space...PREEEETY WILD DEEP SHEIIIITE!!!!!!
  3. They should have the guys playing the brand new Star Wars Massively multiplayer online roleplaying game.... It makes sense they would be playing it right??
  4. i just checked hulu, they dont upload that show... u will be lucky to find all the parts to the show on youtube before theyre taken down... might have to go with a more questionably legal route... if someone records it they could upload it onto facebook.. wouldn't get taken down then... actually someone should make a facebook page just for post THBT videos on...for stuff like this...I'd do it(record) but I dont have a DVR right now....just a thought:icon_eek:
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