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  1. They never would have gotten a bromance past the network censors back in the 70's. LGBT progression FTW.
  2. I'm pretty sure the big bang is still just a theory, anyway.
  3. Are you guys sure about this? I dont know, they look the same to me but I'm not a doctor or anything. I think it's just because he has different facial hair now.
  4. I don't wear shirts with patterns on them because they distract from eye contact.
  5. Here's my Fact: When a .22LR bullet hits a raven at a distance of 60 yards when it's sitting at the top of a pine tree, the bird's torso explodes instantly and then your young cousins spend the rest of the day playing "find the body part" around the yard, although they never find the head (but one of them will freak your grandma out by showing her the wing they found in the flower bed under the kitchen window). I know this fact because I did that once when I was 12.
  6. Yes they need to add a new character, especially a female character because Penny is great and all but honestly working at the Macaroni Grill doesn't really allow her character to get fleshed out, and besides with only one female and four males on the show there's an imbalance of genders and you get the risk of the guys running a train on her or something. I think they should bring in a saucy brunette, it would be great if they could get Jennifer Love Hewitt; everyone knows JLH don't take no guff and she's a strong-willed person who could butt heads with the confidence of Sheldon and Leonard for comedic effect. Plus her boobs are pleasurable and would draw in more people who previously dismissed the show. And the timing is perfect because she's got nothing to do since Ghost Whisperer got cancelled and her fiance stood her up at the alter like what happened in that one Julia Roberts movie (Julia Roberts FTGS (that's For The Guest Star) btw)
  7. This is my wristwatch: It's a flinstones watch where Fred's hands count the hours and minutes. It can't calculate but they hadnt invented math back in the middle ages yet as they had pterydactyls that did quantum stuff for them, hence why it can only tell time and nothing else.
  8. Isn't Raj played by the same guy who played Fez on that 70's show? He was an illegal immigrant there too, i think he got deported in the finale though (or was that in real life? I hear that's why they were planning him to be in a CHiPs movie but that movie never got made because he isnt allowed back in the USA anymore)
  9. I think they should do an episode where it's an alternate universe and every character is played by different actors, all of whom are played by the cast members from Family Matters (except not the girl who went into porn because that would set a bad example). Reginald VelJohnson would make a kickass Sheldon IMHO. And that way you could have Urkel's personality-transmogriphying machine where Penny and the guys go in and Penny becomes a nerd and the guys become ordinary joes who work at Macaroni Grill, except maybe Raj could turn into a Bruce Lee clone like Urkel used to beat up those gangsters who tried to rape Laura, because then they could do the awful "squinty eye ching-chong" super racist making fun of Chinese people thing that they did on Family Matters (which is really odd that they got away with that when you think about it, because 1. it was in the mid 90's and 2. the show started by being about a middle class black family and sometimes there were very special episodes where they dealt with racism, but then it became okay to make fun of the chinee moonfolk. I blame Urkel for stealing the limelight. Anyway that's my idea.
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