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  1. I was on an airplane today and was watching a guy watch an episode of Big Bang theory and it appeared as though i've never seen the episode although to the best of my knowledge i HAVE seen each episode, I assumed it was a new one. However i cannot find a new episode that is out since Dec 8th and another doesn't come out for about two weeks!??!!? Can someone tell me what this episode is? What i saw: People moving, moving boxes, there was a lot of commotion on the ground level entrance of leonards/sheldon's apartment. The beginning of the episode had penny at Sheldon's appartment talking. I don't remember food there. There was a scene between penny and a small blonde girl, she was really attractive, they were in the laundry room of the apartment. This is basically all the distinctive scenes i saw because i was trying not to look too much because i assumed it was a new episode. So does anyone recognize this????? I tried to look at episode descriptions but each one i remember and i didn't see anything similar to this.
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