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  1. its no longer a sitcom but a romcom I am just saying the show has completely changed and its gone from every episode being funny to 1 in 3 if your lucky now.... in my opinion
  2. get all the relationships out of the show and go back to what made the series great in the first place.
  3. This is just turning into a rom-com. The original plot is disappearing each and every new episode I see and they are spending far too much time on relationships now. I can tell its time for me to stop watching this show as my girlfriend is beginning to like it now its turned into Friends 2 LOL
  4. Add a new character.. quite the opposite for me I'm afraid, I would like a cull. Series 1-3 were absolutely brilliant, but, since then its been mediocre at best and is quickly becoming a sitcom. Raj's unbelievably boring sister... out, Bernadette out. The original storyline was great as it was 4 uber-geeks coping with life and occasionally love but full time relationships are what I believe have numbed this show. Last episode I viewed I honestly expected the Friends title music to play at the end.
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