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  1. Alright, I realise that this is not so applicable since Howard got engaged to Bernadette, but I was wondering what everyone else thought of his 'special' friendship with Raj? I love this dynamic and how they guys play it perfectly and think it is one of the elements which makes this particular show so funny and unique.
  2. I agree that this app may not be as scientifically valid as a plug in for solving quadratic equations, but it is by far more entertaining
  3. I realise that you'll probably all be aware of this one - and that I was a little slow on the uptake but.... Kaley Cuoco = Billie from Charmed :D I was a fan of that show too but didn't make the connection right away. Ok, not the brightest start I'll admit.... must try harder
  4. Doesn't the 'Big Bang' axiomatically imply noise?? Or am I just being dense (boom boom!)
  5. Or maybe Penny is just more comfortable flashing her flesh - none of the boys are exactly typically California-esque and the one time we did see Sheldon in shorts recently Penny almost had a fit over his wee knees. Perhaps they cover up to avoid the ridicule over their pale, un-gymified bodies (I know that's what I do in Scotland - even in the *ahem* summer)
  6. *wave back* My main source of Big Bang conversation to date has been my daughter and she's all about 'oh Mum, Sheldon's so silly' - not exactly in depth, but very sweet. Look forward to sharing ideas and opinions with you all
  7. I have to agree with BazingaGirl - we don't really need any more recurring characters on the show as a lot of the core action is being diluted amongst the pairings in the group already. This means that the ensemble scenes which were amongst the strongest in the show are now becoming less and less common. Although I enjoy watching Sheldon stumble through his relationship with Amy and I love the fact that Bernadette has scraped some of the sleaze off Howard I have to admit that I do miss the 'dining' scenarios with just Penny and the boys. I suppose we can't have it all (but I still WANT it all). Maybe they should make the episodes longer??? Or maybe I'm just greedy :D A thought has just occurred to me - SPINOFF!!!! Stuart and his comic store could be the hub for a new sitcom where all the fave recurring characters gather and our gang can make guest appearances - that way we can explore all of the minor characters we love (or love to hate!) Again, being greedy??
  8. sorry... I was unable to highlight the entire previous post. ( by Sub-Atomic Punk). I was referring to the statement of "Well Rounded Social Beings" .... That there is not only one way to be "normal". The original premise of the show (s1-s3) revolved around the 4 guys (and Penny) and their geek/science environment. This being their lifestyle, made it "normal" for them. That said. Every individual has their own perception of "normal". I agree with what you're saying, but even within individual situations 'normal' is a constantly shifting condition. What was normal for me 4 years ago is not the same as what is normal for me now and the same applies to the characters on this show - their normality changed when they met and started interacting with each other. I don't think that their individuality and uniqueness has been undermined in any way, and their nerdiness has not gone away, but their perspectives and outlooks have grown and I think if they hadn't we may have become bored by now. Even nerds need love and love changes everything. OK enough cliches from me (for now!)
  9. Thanks for the welcome guys - I'm loving having so many people to chat to about the show. Most of my friends and family are sick of me talking about it already :D
  10. Well, Season 1 was a while ago and maybe with all the alcohol consumed in between Penny has just forgotten - although they are pretty memorable knees
  11. I agree - it would be great to see the dynamic between Sheldon and a male sibling. I think Kevin Sorbo would be a great type - the body type differences would be brilliant and would allow for some really funny physical comedy from Jim.
  12. I still have to get to grips with the TV airings never sure which ones I'm watching since I've seen most of them on DVD - can't wait!!
  13. The show simply couldn't do without Penny - she's the one who makes the guys accessible to us mere mortals.
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