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  1. Alright, I realise that this is not so applicable since Howard got engaged to Bernadette, but I was wondering what everyone else thought of his 'special' friendship with Raj?

    I love this dynamic and how they guys play it perfectly and think it is one of the elements which makes this particular show so funny and unique.

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  2. I realise that you'll probably all be aware of this one - and that I was a little slow on the uptake but.... Kaley Cuoco = Billie from Charmed :D

    I was a fan of that show too but didn't make the connection right away.

    Ok, not the brightest start I'll admit.... must try harder

  3. Or maybe Penny is just more comfortable flashing her flesh - none of the boys are exactly typically California-esque and the one time we did see Sheldon in shorts recently Penny almost had a fit over his wee knees.

    Perhaps they cover up to avoid the ridicule over their pale, un-gymified bodies (I know that's what I do in Scotland - even in the *ahem* summer)

  4. *wave back* My main source of Big Bang conversation to date has been my daughter and she's all about 'oh Mum, Sheldon's so silly' - not exactly in depth, but very sweet.

    Look forward to sharing ideas and opinions with you all :)

  5. OT: if you want to quote someone, go to their post and click the green + sign in the bottom right hand corner (in between "REPLY" and "REPORT") this will let you insert and edit their quote into your post. (you will get an option in your reply box to "Quote now" or "deselect quote" enabling you to put multiple quotes in your post) hope this helps.

    Many thanks - useful to know :)

  6. I have to agree with BazingaGirl - we don't really need any more recurring characters on the show as a lot of the core action is being diluted amongst the pairings in the group already. This means that the ensemble scenes which were amongst the strongest in the show are now becoming less and less common. Although I enjoy watching Sheldon stumble through his relationship with Amy and I love the fact that Bernadette has scraped some of the sleaze off Howard I have to admit that I do miss the 'dining' scenarios with just Penny and the boys. I suppose we can't have it all (but I still WANT it all). Maybe they should make the episodes longer??? Or maybe I'm just greedy :D

    A thought has just occurred to me - SPINOFF!!!!

    Stuart and his comic store could be the hub for a new sitcom where all the fave recurring characters gather and our gang can make guest appearances - that way we can explore all of the minor characters we love (or love to hate!)

    Again, being greedy??

  7. sorry... I was unable to highlight the entire previous post. ( by Sub-Atomic Punk). I was referring to the statement of "Well Rounded Social Beings" .... That there is not only one way to be "normal". The original premise of the show (s1-s3) revolved around the 4 guys (and Penny) and their geek/science environment. This being their lifestyle, made it "normal" for them. That said. Every individual has their own perception of "normal".

    I agree with what you're saying, but even within individual situations 'normal' is a constantly shifting condition. What was normal for me 4 years ago is not the same as what is normal for me now and the same applies to the characters on this show - their normality changed when they met and started interacting with each other.

    I don't think that their individuality and uniqueness has been undermined in any way, and their nerdiness has not gone away, but their perspectives and outlooks have grown and I think if they hadn't we may have become bored by now. Even nerds need love and love changes everything.

    OK enough cliches from me (for now!)

  8. I agree - it would be great to see the dynamic between Sheldon and a male sibling. I think Kevin Sorbo would be a great type - the body type differences would be brilliant and would allow for some really funny physical comedy from Jim.

  9. I have to say that contrary to popular opinion I LOVED this episode. There was the female bonding, getting to know the new girls a little better; Penny being hit in the face during Amy's 'pillow fight'; the awkward truth or dare where Penny is forced to confront her feelings for Leonard; the first inkling of Amy's latent attraction for Penny (which is evident in future episodes); Sheldon's "I stated it thusly"; Wil Wheaton's Jar Jar Binks impressions and the classic line "why is there never a pontoon plane around when you need one?" The sight of the guys running with the whole cinema chasing them had me crying with laughter.

    As for the stealing of the movie being out of character - I disagree - Sheldon justified his actions by stating that if he couldn't see it then nobody could. His inherent narcisism makes this seem entirely plausible to me, especially considering that it was ultimately Wil Wheaton being allowed access unfairly that led to the gang being denied access in the first place.

    Anyhow, just my opinion, but this one is close to the top of my list of faves.

  10. Indiana Jones is my favourite episode, but my favourite scene EVER has to be the Christmas Gift when Penny gives Sheldon the napkin and he hugs her - it's Penny's face when she says "Leonard look, Sheldon's HUGGING me!!!" Classic. Absolutely Classic.

  11. Hello there, I'm new to the Big Bang Universe and have had a crash course in the show over the last week or so - having bought the Seasons 1-4 box set for my daughter for Christmas and watched every episode, and all the special features.

    I am now well and truly hooked and I look forward to chatting with fellow wackadoodles over the coming weeks.

    All the very best for 2012 (and more importantly, for Season 5)

  12. It has to be Sheldon, all the way. There has never been a character like him - how he sees and understands things us mere mortals have no hope of grasping, but struggles with everyday interactions we take for granted.

    The Sheldon Paradox is what keeps me tuning in. However, the ensemble cast and smart, funny writing cannot be overlooked - a truly brilliant team effort and a truly brilliant show! Oh, and hey, let's not forget the theme tune. Has there ever been such a scientifically accurate credit to a comedy, I think not! Even Australopithecus wouldn't have got sick of this show.

  13. I think the idea of Penny and Sheldon together is ridiculous! They obviously have on screen chemistry, but this is usually due to their conflict and lack of respect for each other, rather than any compatibility they may have - besides, it would probably destroy their relationship with Leonard in the process.

    I think the writers have been very clever with the introduction of Amy - they are bringing Sheldon through a delayed adolescence one step at a time. She is the only person he seems to enjoy spending time with and conversing with - he merely tolerates everyone else. Her blatant desire for physical contact is what is going to force Sheldon to 'grow up' and if he ever does have an intimate encouter with anyone it would have to be as much intellectual as physical. He is only starting to face the fact that Amy has become important to him and that he may well be more emotionally attached to her than he realised - I can't wait to see how this impacts on his character - bring it on!

    I do agree with the majority of you about the grenade that was Penny/Raj - they could have come up with a better way to end season 4, surely?? What was the point?? Did it advance the characters? No! (Raj still can't talk to her sober). Did it advance the storyline? No. There appeared to be no consequences, and they backtracked to say that it never happened anyway, so in my opinion it was a waste of time. But I suppose even the best have off days!

    I really want to see Penny and Leonard together and I don't see any way to avoid it eventually since the seeds for them were sown in the very first episode and have been sprinkled throughout all since.

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  14. I'm coming from a different perspective in that I've just watched S1-S4 on DVD over the space of 3 days. I have to state from the start that I am a proud geek - although probably not that smart (I still don't get the spherical chicken joke for example).

    However, I have seen a natural progression for group across the series which stems entirely from Penny's involvement with them. Her influence on Leonard and the others has led them from their previously mostly insular existence and opened them up to the outside world and has even led to the world leaking into their environment (she gave Sheldon coffee and alcohol for instance!). The first seasons were about the 'nerds' laughing at Penny's perceived stupidity as their intellect tended to overshadow hers - partly due to the fact that she was outnumbered! However as the dynamic of the show and the group has changed, so has the focus of the comedy and the viewpoint it is coming from. I'm loving the increase in female factors, but am aware that this does affect the focus and language of the dialogue.

    I think the show still celebrates nerd-dom in all it's geeky glory and I am proud to say I am a fan, not only of the show but also of the characters and all of their unique idiosyncracies. I think the only thing which is not as strong in the show as it used to be is the science, but with so many more characters to love something has got to give, right?

  15. OMG - I can't believe that in a show as smart and funny as BB someone can pick up on such a small issue - especially since the a lot of the comedy of the show is based on sterotypes;

    dumb blondes

    nerds who can't get girls

    smart people looking down on others

    And if you're looking for racist and inflamatory comments just check out ANY episode with Sheldon's mum in it - oh, and get a life!

  16. I'm loving the new characters (except for Priya - get her gone!) and I'd like to see more of the strong willed Bernadette instead of the sappy, whiny, chipmunk version.

    Loving Amy - I think she shows us a different side to Sheldon and it's like watching my favourite little boy growing up a little at a time :D. It's also nice that Penny has some friends to get girlie with.

    I like the balance they have right now and wouldn't add any more but the special guest stars are great (especially the Star Trek ones, but maybe I'm biased)

  17. Hi there - my 10 year old daughter introduced me to the show a couple of months ago and I got her the 4 season boxed set for Christmas. Having spent the last 3 days watching all the episodes (and special features) it would appear that I am now an official Wackadoodle when it comes to the Big Bang Theory.

    I am also a huge Star Trek geek so am especially loving all the nerdy references and guest star appearances - can't wait for to see Wil Wheaton's party and Brent Spiner's spot.

    I'm in the UK so we're way behind when it comes to the airing of the shows, but I don't mind spoilers.

    I realise that we don't yet know Penny's last name, but wouldn't it be great if it was Shatner and her Uncle Bill came to visit?? Maybe in the last episode, I have a feeling Sheldon would have a heart attack!!

    Anyway, just wanted to say hello to you all and look forward to chatting in the future.

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