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  1. Well now you're just being jeeringly silly.
  2. lol...I believe I posted that in the bromance thread. also...KITES HO!
  3. I always found it really odd that she had such a large group of Nebraska friends in Pasadena. I think maybe they're not finding the need for her to have other friends? The show's already got a lot going on.
  4. Every language evolves and simplifies over time. Always. There's not a single exception. Listen to Old English to Middle English to Early Modern English and possibly that might make sense. It may not always be pretty, but there is nothing you can do. As far as dialect goes, that's just nonsense. Go to ANY English-speaking nation and I promise from one region to another you would potentially be able to find hundreds of slight variations on the same damn sentence. I could go on about language for days, but I shan't. You know, I've decided I'm just gonna sit back & believe the writers know what they're doing. They're not always perfect, but it is still The Big Bang Theory. There have always been mistakes and inconsistencies throughout the series. It's nothing new. I think I've heard a few other people say they really didn't like Amy's reaction because it was too over the top, but I thought that was part of its charm. I thought this was a pretty solid episode. I got some good laughs and both of the plots were good. One thing I worry about is Sheldon not being...Sheldon anymore. But, as I said, I will simply have to trust the writers. Also, Sheldon + Penny = brother/sister relationship. Sorry for the rant in my previous post. I want to continue it, because I've a lot more to say, but this is simply not the place.
  5. do u remember which episodes?? I can't remember the episode(s) she was naked in, but she was in pretty much all of season 4. She is ridiculously beautiful! Remember seeing her in How I Met Your Mother too. I like her a lot & would be rad if they brought her back, but I don't see that happening. :/ Her name is Courtney Ford http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1835900/
  6. The Pants Alternative! Every scene is hilarious! "People of Sheldonopolis! this is your mayor, Follow me. If the children can't run leave them behind. Oh, the simulated horror!" "Neutron walks into a bar asks 'how much for a drink?' Bartender says "For you, no charge!'" "Can I take my pants off over my head? Of course not, my body's in the way. But if we had access to higher dimension we could move our pants around our bodies through the fourth dimension and our days of dropping trousers would be over!" Now That I have that out of my system The Einstein Approximation and The Bad Fish Paradigm are great. Any Sheldon-centric episode is amazing! (though they're all fantastic!)
  7. He's so much fun to watch! I love Jim Thanks, there were a few of these I hadn't seen. Love the FedEx one! Looooved him in Garden State. "btw, it says balls on your face." One of my favorite scenes when Zach's charachter wakes up with "balls" written on his face & sees a knight in the kitchen. It was perfect. haha.
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