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  1. Agreed. However, my use of the term "well rounded social beings" was not meant to be synonomous with "normal." There are many very "un-normal" people who could still be considered well rounded as social beings. From the standpoint of these characters, I think we have to look at their growth over the course of the series. In the beginning, they were more isolative, choosing to spend more time with each other and with their interests than spreading their wings, looking for new friends and putting themselves out there in social situations. But they have definitely evolved. Except for Raj, they
  2. As a relative newcomer to the show whose watched many episodes in a row on TBS to get caught up, as well as recently purchasing the 1st 4 seasons on DVD all at once, I have to say I enjoy the earlier shows more when it was just the 5 main characters, and everyone else was just an occasional recurring role. I find Raj's sister and Bernadette boring, but I think Amy is pretty funny. The only problem with just sticking to the original 5 characters is that they need to keep coming up with fresh story ideas for them. A lot of sitcom writers take the easy way out and just start introducing new ch
  3. As a new member, this was the first thread I opened, and already I like the way this topic is being discussed. From my experience, being a nerd, being perceived as a nerd, or perceiving others as nerds, is rather subjective. Growing up, I never would have considered myself a nerd. But in watching TBBT, I relate to so much of what we see with these characters, that I have to question my own beliefs. First, I am a huge Star Trek and Star Wars fan from way back. I am fascinated my Math, Chemistry and Physics, even though I sometimes struggle to understand it. I will point out obscure Science F
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