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  1. I'm sorry, but no. They're not canon. And never will be. I can get that some people like this couple a lot, but I can't see why as Sheldon is 'dating' Amy, and Penny still likes Leonard. And I really don't think people should pair Sheldon with anyone at all, strictly speaking. He's almost a child when it comes to relationships. It seems everyone has an opinion of their own on the coupling and shipping of the characters in the show. My personal opinion is that things should be kept real... Leonard and Penny have obvious chemistry and have done since the beginning of the show, and in the first season, the show was centred around the two. I like the pairing of Sheldon and Amy, but not really in a girlfriend/boyfriend kind of way, and Sheldon is clearly not comfortable with that kind of thing, and only because the two seem to understand each other. I also like Howard/Bernadette, for some reason. It's canon, and kinda sweet, because she's the first girl who has been able to make Howard, I don't know, more mature, in a way? It's quite cute, anyway, seeing as they're both so small. :3
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