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  1. Actor

    A picture from the IG account of Kaley's make-up artist for Comic-Com
  2. Actor

    New priceline commercials (from's official YouTube Channel)
  3. Actor

    Behind the scenes of the pawworks photo shooting yesterday The following two pictures are from the IG stories of @goldsheepclothing ...and one from the IG stories of @kerimarie333 (left) and one from the IG stories of @alexstonephoto (right)
  4. Ship Zone

    Yesterday I started to write a new multi-chapter Lenny fan fiction. I don't know, when I'm able to post the first chapter. Probably mid August.
  5. And obviously it's not possible to gather the cast for a proper photo shooting. That's another thing which annoys me. Some new promotional photos for the show or the DVD/Blu-ray covers would be great, instead of recycling those old pictures from years ago. As a result we get some serious photoshop crimes (IMO) for years now. I could design better covers and promotional posters.