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    More pictures from Kentucky... plus... (
  2. Yay...the thread is still alive. Lenny dancing...just because
  3. @veejay: If i get it right, this thread is supposed to be a "Shipping Lanes" for Lenny. So you could tag it as Ship Debate Zone.
  4. Kaley confronted the writers with another crappy story they wrote for Lenny. Punishment followed swiftly. What the f***?! Bound in chains and black-dyed hair with an awful cut? Just because I said something negative about the show?
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    Kaley has created a new Instagram account dedicated to her newly adopted dwarf mini. lifewithshmooshy
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    more pictures from the slide show above...
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    A new horse for Kaley
  8. I agree! I wonder what photoshop "masterpiece", composed of old season 4-7 promotional pictures they will present us as the season 10 Blu-ray/DVD cover.
  9. For your Emmy consideration, I guess... Brand new photo shoot
  10. They won't adress it at all.
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    Mayim's newest vlog
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    oh...and look at this
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    Soul sisters