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  1. Sorry if this was already posted somewhere else on the forum: In The Loobenfeld Decay (Season 1) Sheldon hires an aspiring actor to play his (non-existent) drug-addicted cousin. Sheldon and the actor get into an argument about the method of acting that is being used, with Sheldon being his usual know-it-all self and sounding like he is an expert on acting. Sheldon knows acting jargon and it appears that he has spent some time learning about the craft (at least from an intellectual standpoint). In the The Thespian Catalyst (Season 4) Sheldon at first scoffs at Amy's suggestion that he study acting. He acts like it is beneath him. When he does take a lesson with Penny, we can see that he doesn't know anything about acting.
  2. Actually, I think Leonard shoving his bully was the point at which I realised that I couldn't stand watching the episdoe. It was completely out of character and completely ignored Leonard's greater intelligence. Someone with a doctorate in physics would understand the relationship between force, mass and acceleration. On the other hand, it would not have been out of character for Amy, who clearly has a very good working knowledge of human anatomy (as when she taught Sheldon how to give himself a massage), to have walked in, done some martial arts moves on the bully, and thrown him to the floor.
  3. Mathematics at the higher levels isn't about calculations, though - it is about proving complex theorems based on abstract rules. Sheldon criticises practical science as being less important than abstract science. Mathematics is even more abstract than what he does. Sheldon will probably find a way to prove to himself that his work is better, but maybe Amy will point out the flaw in his reasoning. If the show was still science-oriented, maybe he and the mathematician would get into an argument about n-dimensional space or something, but it would probably bore the newer more mainstream viewers.
  4. I did say I did not see the most recent episodes and I could be wrong. Other people have mentioned that she had looked like she had gained weight. I did notice that her face looked puffy - the way a pregnant woman's face looks puffy. It is not that difficult to hide a pregnancy, particularly the early stages of a pregnancy. It's also possible for a woman to have a miscarriage.
  5. I'm starting to think that it's a good idea to think of TBBT as an old-time sitcom, such as I Love Lucy, where the characters have distinct personality traits but there is no continuity from one episode to the next. So we know that Ricky is a bandleader who starts speaking Spanish when he is angry Lucy will create some crazy scheme to get into Ricky's show Ethel will help her And every episode is based on those premises and nothing else. You never hear Ethel telling Ricky about something that happened in the previous episode.
  6. I am pretty sure that Kaley is pregnant now. Note that being in the UK I have not seen any episodes past The Speckerman Recurrence, so any of the subsequent episodes could disprove my theory. However, She has clearly gained weight, particularly puffiness around the face. She is wearing frumpier clothes - including a loose baby-doll smock type top that reminds me of a maternity top in one recent episode, I don't remember which, and low "old-ladyish" wedgie shoes. Every time we see her she is in some position that hides her belly - Seated at a table, behind a counter, holding a laptop in front of her. Even in the Twister scene with Bernadette and Amy, she was bent over with her hands and face in front of her belly - and instead of eventually standing up from that position, so we can see her whole body, she conveniently falls over "drunk". We also see her walking upstairs - from the back.
  7. Tiddles

    Sheldon Facts

    He also closes doors not using the handle, I worry about him catching his fingers. I would have never notice these facts lol. What sharp eyes you two have Sheldon is a germophobe, so he is behaving in character - doesn't want to catch anything from someone else who touched the handle.
  8. Manhattan actually has a street address algorithm: http://m.ny.com/locator/algorithm.html (I grew up in New York City).
  9. Tiddles

    Bernadette crap...

    Alex, I had a look at your profile and I see that this is the only thread you have ever started or have ever posted in. It's, erm, interesting that you joined this forum just so you could post on this particular topic, out of everything related to TBBT. (I am new to this forum myself, so I'm not aware of everyone's history.) Clearly it is something that you have very strong personal feelings about, for some reason. Even the title of this thread "Bernadette Crap", as opposed to say, "Bernadette Not Wanting Children", or something like that, shows how much you have been affected emotionally. Maybe you need to take a step back. At the risk of sounding too Sheldony, emotions can get in the way of logical thinking.
  10. Tiddles

    Bernadette crap...

    That was exactly the point I was trying to make. The fact that these characters are not ideal parenting material is what makes them funny. In real life, would you want to hang around with mama's boy Howard, arrogant, obnoxious Sheldon or drunken, obnoxious Raj either? Why is Bernadette being held to a different standard? She's just a character in a comedy. Also, I imagine that Bernadette getting more of a backbone and disagreeing with Howard over major things could lead to some good comedy conflicts with the original Mrs. Wolowitz - a fat, loud, overprotective Jewish mother; not exactly politically correct. To Alex7,getting back to real life, the idea that having a child automatically makes you grow up fast is one of the reasons that there are so many neglected and abused children.
  11. Tiddles

    Bernadette crap...

    With all the fuss about Bernadette, why is no one mentioning that Howard would make a terrible father as he is now? This is a grown man who expects his mother or wife to bring him breakfast in bed and to butter his bread for him. Is he really going to stay up all night trying to comfort a crying baby? I wouldn't want to have children with him, either. Of course this is TV Land, where as soon as someone gets pregnant they turn into a mature, responsible adult who loves and is great with kids.
  12. What if because Sheldon is completely oblivious to popular culture, he doesn't realise that Meemaw looks just like Dolly Parton.
  13. Maybe the "science" is going to turn into the sitcom job that nobody sees. Where the character goes off to work every day in a bank/law firm/architecture firm/hospital/etc., but the program almost never mentions banking, law, architecture or medicine; it's all about the character's social and family life.
  14. I think the show has reached the point where Sheldon's character is totally dominated by his childlike qualities. (Keep in mind that I have not been able to watch any episodes past the Speckerman one, so this might have changed and I could be wrong.) Speaking of bullying, the way the writers are portraying Sheldon reminds me of the way bullies operate - focusing on one negative quality of the victim - because that makes the bully feel superior - and ignoring the victim's positive qualities - because that would make the bully feel inferor.
  15. I agree that Sheldon has always been childish. The difference is that in previous seasons, the childishness was juxtaposed with genius. So he was portrayed as a brilliant scientist who didn't happen to be very mature, emotionally. In recent episodes, however, the science has been eliminated, so all you see is Sheldon behaving like a little boy. The immaturity changes from being an aspect of his personality to being his entire personality.
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