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  1. That would be a good fit. Reba has done a lot of acting to boot.......I am not sure but I thought she was from Texas also....but don't quote me on that
  2. You're right. I think all they would have to do is hand her a script........Be neat to hear her sing soft kitty to Sheldon......
  3. Facebook page would be great. Let me know if no one does it. I will. I think Dolly could do a Texas accent.......She is not far off from it right now.
  4. Yeah thanks for clearing that up. I am new to the show and wasn't sure. I am glad to hear that Mee Maw is still out there.
  5. I know! I could just imagine Howard's face as he meets her.......
  6. I know it may seem crazy to some but given Dolly's persona and measurements.........seems like it would be a nice addition to the family.
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