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  1. Cheers for the answers guys, i dont mind having to wait (too much) but it would be nice to know how long I have to
  2. Does anyone know where TBBT Season 5 has gone in the UK? It seems to have disapeared off the TV guide after episode 11.
  3. They whole gang should go to a Sheldon family reunion This would be TOO epic!!
  4. I think Howard and Bernadets relationship is doomed to failure and the bro-mance will go back to the good times. I do miss the good old days before all the girl's took up so much screen time but I guess the show had to evolve to stop it getting old.
  5. i loved Sheldon's smile in this episode, looking through my fb pics from nights out i do this look quite often without even realising. I hope my friends never see TBBT and think i'm doing a Sheldon.
  6. Cheers for that Albert, I was looking for the offical one but the Sheldon quotes one is a good alternative. Also i love Sheldon's OCD calander, that just brightened up my day.
  7. OK so this is kinda sorta really annoying me now. I can't find a TBBT calendar anywhere. Does anyone know where I can find one in stock in the UK? This would be really helpfull as i'm going a little but crazy. It's the only ne I want. I don't have a second choice, it's TBBT or no 2012 calendar for me. Cheers guys
  8. I havent seen alot of the media that is referenced but I know enough about enough to get alot of it but im guessing theres more I would get if I was farmiliar with the references but im blissfully ignorant in that I dont know that I dont get stuff because I dont know theres something for me to get. If that makes any sense to anyone?
  9. Hi People, I have just joined and wanted to say hi, so erm... Hi lol. I look forward to interesting discussions with you guys about my new favourite TV show. Dan
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