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  1. I was on board until that ending. Sometimes the baby wins? That baby wins all the time. Poor Leonard. What ever happened to Howard's heart problem? Detectable with a stethoscope, made worse with sex, yet not bad enough to keep him from rocketing into space?
  2. Wil has had a blog for years, and many of his readers followed him over to Twitter. Kaley is on a popular show and does a lot of adwork and award hosting, but she isn't a media hog like many actresses in her position (and non-actress Kim Kardashian / Paris Hilton types) would be. She seems down to earth and well adjusted. For all the glitz and glamour she puts on professionally, she doesn't care if people see her casual and without make-up after a workout or while horseback riding.
  3. I don't like it. "Mature" is putting it nicely. He looks old enough to be Penny's dad when they're together now.
  4. Howard, for sure. Raj close second, when he puts it on, "You say you cahn't pay your rent...?" Sheldon sounds like a child, Leonard whines, Stuart quivers.
  5. Yes, I know it's a TV show. I was responding specifically to your previous repetition of the phrase "it doesn't make sense" by explaining why it does make sense. To address your point that "characters don't fundamentally change on sit-coms" I'd ask where you get that from? Is that a rule, an observation, or just your preference? Characters who don't change become boring and stale and difficult to write fresh material for. Erkel was ridiculous. Was I the only one who got bored with Jerry Seinfeld after a while? Same story, new word-of-the-week. Yadda yadda yadda. A separate issue is whether you like the changes. On that we may have some common ground. I miss the science dudes and the Howard-Raj hijinks. I preferred arrogant, smart Amy over horny Amy. I'd like less sacrificing a character for a cheap laugh. I'd like 22 minutes instead of 19. Etc.
  6. Ditto. Loved the look on her face when she knocked "Shave and a Haircut" and dared him (with her eyes) not to finish it.
  7. I understand that you don't like the change, but I disagree that "it doesn't make sense." A lot of uncool, nerdy guys that I knew in my 20s eventually matured and married attractive, smart women. Some still do battlebots or whatever, but they've married, bought houses, started families. Some started tech companies or advanced quickly in their field. I thought the unchanging lives of the Seinfeld characters was funny, but it was one-note after a while. Actually, most guys in general aren't as horndoggy in their 30s as in their 20s, and if they are, it's pathetic and creepy. (Charlie Harper, anyone?) Which was Penny's point to Howard when she said it - he was too old to be acting like a hormonal college kid.
  8. They probably play down her sexuality to emphasize the Girl Next Door look. I wouldn't say Kaley was a child star so much as a working actor. She's worked to get where she is - where do you get the idea that everything has been handed to her? One thing that I like about her is that she doesn't take this "TV Star" thing too seriously. It's a job she does, not who she is. She's smart to take advantage of riding the current wave she's on, because they rarely last. She's young and enjoying life - why not?
  9. She could call a busboy over, at the very least.
  10. Leonard implied that (aside from Mrs. Davis) the committee was comprised of a bunch of old men. Men of that generation often have wives who were home makers, even if they were college educated. The wives wouldn't necessarily be scientists (or bankers, or lawyers, or doctors, or whatever the husband was) but they would be expected to tag along to all sorts of functions and be social. The men on the committee probably wouldn't care what Penny does for a job.
  11. Depends on the emergency. National disaster? Sheldon and his emergency kit. Home invasion? Penny and her bat. CPR? Leonard.
  12. No, this is the nerd version of Friends:
  13. Both of those comments are pretty unflattering to Leonard. Hopefully they've moved to a place in their relationship where she can communicate to him what she wants.
  14. One small thing that I thought was out of character: Penny was smirking and smiling when Raj made those unflattering comments about Amy's lack of sex appeal. She's supposed to be Amy's friend, and wouldn't have thought that was funny, or would have kept it to herself. Nice to see Leonard has gotten over his distaste for her wearing heels. Howard was great. Loved the way he pulled their strings. Meerkat fight!
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