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  1. Hallo Milty girl! Welcome to the board! I love the scene where Raj and Bernadette are in a typical "Bollywood dancing-singing-scene" Cute. I love the Bollywood movies btw, got a few of them at home. And I love when Raj always tells Sheldon: "Don't explain my own culture to me" (something like that, I don't know what he says in English )
  2. Too bad Jim Parsons didn't win the award Next time maybe
  3. Hi! My name is Karin, I come from Cologne, Germany. Sorry, my English is not so good, hope you understand what I'm saying So, here I am, two weeks ago I wouldn't have thougt, that I would register in a Big Bang Theory-Forum! Last week I startet watching Big Bang Theory, which my husband had recorded from TV. Before that my husband told me a few times of this series, but I somehow wasn't interested in watching it. So last weekend I was so bored, I really had nothing to do, so I gave it a chance. I tell you what, I watched three and a half season all through the weekend!! I just couldn't stop, it was so funny!! There has never been a series like that before, relly love it!!! On monday I bought the first season on DVD to watch it on English, today I will be through with it, just two episodes left My favourite character is definitely Sheldon!!! Okay, hope to have a lot of fun here! Greetings Karin
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