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  1. I thought it was another anomaly that the writers overlooked (Bernadette having been around kids before) but then I figured she's always been good at telling kids off. Remember when she told Sheldon off in the Einstein episode. Also, spoiler: Is it just me who missed something or was that Sheldon's first voluntary peck on the lips?
  2. Yeah, I have an American boyfriend who loves Indian culture and I find I'm always snapping at him not to tell me about my own culture too.
  3. I'm Indian too, and while I think Raj is a perfect representation of a middle class Indian who has gone abroad to work/study, I think Priya's (over)confidence undermines Raj's personality all the more. She's brilliant, no doubt, but so damn sure of herself that it's annoying. And she's hot, really hot, and she knows she can get away with anything because of that! And I agree, what's with her fake accent?? Believe me, people who've grown up in India DON'T talk like that unless they're trying to be cool by putting on an accent!!
  4. I always found it a bit unsettling (not sure whether I like it or not) that the Sheldon of S1 has a more mature understanding of sex and relationships than the Sheldon of later seasons. In the first few episodes, he actually counsels Leonard about Penny, and seems to know what behaviours do and do not lead to intercourse. In the pilot he understands what it is to masturbate (and according to Leonard is a "semi pro" at it ). But in the later seasons he somehow regresses to a pre-pubescent stage when it comes to matters about sex and human interactions, completely ignoring the Leonard-Penny relationship (not even a slight curiosity) and showing a naivete that is not corresponding to what he was earlier. In one of the later seasons the only, if any, reference about his sexual understanding is that he has genitals that are functional and aesthetically pleasing. I think the writers tweaked his character slightly so that he has a textbook understanding of sexual relationships - he knows the biology of it - but very little real-world understanding of how they work. That seems more consistent with the way one would expect Sheldon to naturally be. So to sum up I probably prefer later-Sheldon in this respect. Oh and also, in India they're always a season behind! I have to resort to Torrents too.
  5. Hmm, I like sitting in my spot, eating with my own plate, cup and spoons. I will order the same thing I ordered before in a restaurant to avoid surprises, and I don't like menus being changed around either. I'm not very adventurous about my food and I pick at it a lot. I am a bit of a grammar nazi. I don't like unnecessary touching, hugging or displays of affection (ew) though I am quite emotional myself. I tend to be VERY childish like Sheldon sometimes is. I also make up a lot of words (like Sheldon's sudden inputs of "zazzy" - I read on another thread here that making up words and using words only understandable to the person is one of the symptoms of Asperger's) and I treat inanimate objects (like teddy bears and computers) as if they had feelings... I know Sheldon doesn't often do that but he does tend to get lost in his own little fantasy world like when he mourns the loss of his WoW merchandise and he postulates strange encounters from which he must escape with his backup supplies. I don't always realise when I am being funny. Sometimes the others laugh at Sheldon when he says something ridiculous that he doesn't think is funny, such as, "Excuse me! That's the wrong usage of the word 'ho'!" Oh, and I also turn to cats for the cuddles and emotional support.
  6. I don't know, I tend to be sympathetic towards Sheldon's childish behaviour. That's also the Sheldon that Leonard is used to dealing with. (cue: Leonard's exasperated expression). Also, his mother brings out the most childish side of his personality as she's the only one who won't be cowed down by his intellectual snobbery. I love the scenes with his mother - they show that, at the end of the day, he's just a little boy to her all over again. His childishness gives a more warm and relatable side to his otherwise rational, cold and 'robotic' mannerisms.
  7. I think that's because Raj's parents still send him money and finance his stay in America. In a way he's still dependent on his parents' money. But Raj probably wants to start earning more of his own money so he has more control over what he can buy. That still doesn't explain how he readily takes Penny to the hospital in Season 3 when she dislocates her shoulder.
  8. Yep, Raj's hookup was with Danica McKellar from The Wonder Years (she played Kevin Arnold's girlfriend). And she was also a guest star in a Season 1 episode of How I Met Your Mother, playing a girl Ted Mosby hooks up with. I love her! I love how she played the good girl next door in her younger days and now she's playing the role of random girls the characters hook up with. And I watched Blossom as a kid. I loved her too! Amy is just the total opposite of what Blossom would grow up to be.
  9. Well, Raj not being able to talk to girls is probably a result of being overwhelmed by them in America. I can imagine that back in India Raj is used to bossing girls around, telling them what to do and what not to do. He's got a hint of the chauvinism that many (if not all) Indian men have. I can imagine the freedom and equality he sees in Western girls could cause him to be wary of them. I know it's a gross generalisation but this is just my theory, having grown up in India and seen how middle class boys (just like Raj's character) react when they go abroad to study.
  10. Hi everyone! I'm from India and have been following the BBT regularly. I must say Sheldon and Raj are my favouritest characters. Sheldon because he's Sheldon, and Raj because he's exactly like all the boys I ever grew up with. There is no better way to show a geeky Indian boy than the way Kunal Nayyar does. And all those India-specific jokes really do make sense. I'm very impressed!
  11. Psadena is said to be within "driving distance" of LA. That's what Howard says when he and Raj want to find out where the 'America's Top Model' contestants stay. Pasadena is where the California Institute of Technology is located. Maybe that has something to do with it, though the name of the university hasn't been mentioned in the show.
  12. Hi everyone, I'm new here! I'm from India (BBT is really popular here) and I love the BBT and of course Sheldon's character. I've been reading and following the threads on this forum for quite a while, thought it was high time I signed up so I could post. The Sheldon of Season 1 doesn't seem to like cats much. Leonard is shown as the person who would get a cat to get over a bad emotional situation - "The Fuzzy Boots Corollary". I guess it took a season or two for the writers and actors to 'get into' character and have them evolve, and eventually in the later seasons Sheldon is shown as the cat-lover, what with his Soft Kitty and Zazzles and Robert Openheimer and what not. I think "The Zazzy Substitution" in Season 4 is a direct reversal of the Season 1 Fuzzy Boots episode - Sheldon in emotional distress rather than Leonard. Just an observation, but Sheldon is a much more convincing cat-person (if it's fair to have such labels at all) than Leonard. Just like Amy, Sheldon understands cats, their aloofness suits him better, while Leonard seems like the sort of person who would benefit from the obvious emotional attachment a dog would show. Plus he does own a dog called Mitzi and is furious that his mother did not inform him of his pet's death.
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