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  1. Here's a thought... What if all the superheroes were originally based on the traditional roles of servants, way back when. Superman, the man who coos the supper. His x-ray vision would certainly help him to know when the steaks are ready. Batman, the original title of a manservant who helps with the dressing of the master of the house, including all the colognes, powders, toiletries etc. Spiderman the house tailor. Aqua man the water boy Green Lantern the carriage driver/mechanic/stable keeper. Did they have Wonder bread back then? Wonder bread woman? Probably not, any other thoughts a
  2. There was a period some years ago when it seemed that society was being conditioned to build a greater tolerance for terror of all sorts. It sounds like the episode you're referring to was filmed back then. The only thing to fear is fear itself, and all that noise. I haven't seen that episode.
  3. This seems like the perfect place to bust the "Myth-busters" show. There are two very blatent oversights that have been misleading and irresponsible when viewed from a scientific perspective. Sheldon's character would bust his #%*^#'s, if he were to watch the myth busters episode where they erroneously demonstrate that it's impossible to unroll a car window underwater. They unfortunately fail to consider the coefficient of friction in there incorrectly designed demonstration. Another erroneous problem occurred when they attempted to measure the different amount of water that hits a person
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