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  1. Okay, I've been a fan since the beginning but I can't stand it anymore. I know that Leonard's character is supposed to be a nerd geek. But please - the character has grown...please - get a new pair of glasses! Since the beginning of the show, it has bugged the crap out of me how Leonard leans his head back and looks out of the bottom of the glasses, like people with bifocals looking at a computer. I know he's supposed to look like a "nerd" but enough already. He's dated Penny, Stephanie, Priya, etc. He's cute, funny and smart. Penny wants him back. So... Please buy a new pair of glasses - that FIT. Quit tipping your head back to view out of the bottom. Trust me, you look the part without doing this. Please, please stop the head tilting. Please. The show is brilliant, all of the actors are great. It kind of felt like the Penny and Sheldon show for awhile but I think it's come back. I know that Penny and Sheldon are the most popular characters but that doesn't mean that every scene should be about them. Ya gotta include everyone. Anyway - no more head tilting! Thanks!
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