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  1. With some exceptions this last season(5) I think the show has been pretty consistent. Leanord is so much more accepting of Sheldon for one simple reason: he grew up with a Sheldon, his mother. Germany & Europe are easier to get around without a car; there's a reason people go biking through Europe. Also, I can totally see an un-chauffered Sheldon walking the streets with his bag strapped diagnolly across his chest. You are so wrong Sheldon is nothing like leonard's mom who is cold(which is where leonard's mommy issues and me attitude comes from) where Sheldon at times just doesn't kno
  2. Speaking of Neil deGrasse Tyson, I only just finished Stargate: Atlantis the other month and he played himself pretty well in that. I did like this episode compared to the last 6 or so from season 5. The guys were back at the Uni cafe albeit talking about roomate agreements and not science but still pretty good. Also at the comic book store yay. I guess the writers are starting to repeat themselves a little bit when it comes to the original cast. "The meatballs are pretty good"
  3. It's ridiculous that people can write 200+ words with no gap. I find it hard to read.
  4. M*A*S*H Anyone? :D I watched that until the bitter end, even after Frank Burns was gone and it had stopped being funny. IMHO Sheldon/Jim Parsons is just as essential to TBBT. It could survive someone else leaving, but Jim Parsons as Sheldon IS the show, as much as I like the other characters. I watched it again last night and I thought the wood thing was done pretty well. Up until college, I was a hardcore geek (still am, and proud of it, just to a lesser degree) and giggling inanely to penile innuendo is pretty much de rigueur in the geek world. So is dragging it out past funny. I agr
  5. I'm in the same boat, I would love to see the show go back to something like s1-s3 but I know that isn't going to happen with all the new relationships and how popular the show is and still growing. But I did hear somewhere the other day that the show is becoming something like Friends. I never watched a lot of friends but i can see where the person was coming from. I guess after 3 seasons, no matter how good the writers are they are going to start repeating other stuff. "simpsons did it" Also Howard will never get his PhD, he isn't that vain.
  6. The Jenga Filming Error. Please tell me people saw the HUGE jenga mistake. Raj made a move and then they continued their conversation and then he made the exact same move. Granted I don't know the rules of whatever kind of jenga they were playing but it's pretty safe to say... I think from memory thats the first mistake I have seen, the break over christmas must of had something to do with it. Mulface
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